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Region Hovedstaden Artwork
Region Hovedstaden
Hør spændende Podcasts om den seneste udvikling indenfor sundhedsområdet.
P115: Work hard strategy is best for Success in life. Artwork
P115: Work hard strategy is best for Success in life.
Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Textile expert, Author, http://youtube.com/c/wondertips wondertips777@gmail.com http://youtube.com/c/goldystastefulkitchen, Podcast:http://anchor.fm/virender-chaudhry
Fit To Fight Fire: Lead Yourself Artwork
Fit To Fight Fire: Lead Yourself
Forging a winning mindset and lifestyle.
Naturally Inspired Daily Artwork
Naturally Inspired Daily
Naturally Inspired Daily Show is an informative video series featuring articles and news worthy stories that may not be getting exposure in the mainstream format. Viewers and listeners can get current information on topics in...
Gimme 5 Artwork
Gimme 5
The era of making your dreams a reality has arrived.Now is the time that we take back our personal power and use it to forge our destiny.Gimme 5 requests at least five minutes of your time as we strive to stay focused on our...
Alchemy in the mid-life kitchen Artwork
Alchemy in the mid-life kitchen
'Alchemy in the mid-life kitchen' is a podcast series for women in mid-life who yearn to gain new clarity and purpose for the afternoon of life. Awaken feminine consciousness and gather your fears, your hopes, your dreams,...
Vox Pop Artwork
Vox Pop
Vox Pop is WAMC's live call-in talk program. Guests with expertise in areas ranging from Astronomy to George Washington speak with WAMC's hosts and answer questions posed by WAMC listeners. Every Monday is a "Medical Monday."...
The Health Ranger Report Artwork
The Health Ranger Report
Wisdom, commentary and improv entertainment from the Health Ranger!!!!
In Your Power Podcast Artwork
In Your Power Podcast
Health, wellbeing, self discovery and all things woo woo ✌️❤️ * * * DISCLAIMER: This is a personal podcast, any views or opinions represented in this podcast are personal and belong solely to the podcast owner and do not rep...
You will find Actionable Easy Steps to become your healthiest version.
Mikkipedia Artwork
Mikkipedia is an exploration in all things health, well being, fitness, food and nutrition. I sit down with scientists, doctors, professors, practitioners and people who have a wealth of experience and have a conversation tha...
Catbox Chronicles Artwork
Catbox Chronicles
We started this podcast to talk about cats, and taking care of yourself (and cats obviously). We'll have fun talking about cats, we have stories, and mental and physical well-being. We also like to talk about random things go...
Take Back Your Territory Artwork
Take Back Your Territory
Take Back Your Territory is about education and transformation all areas of your life, with a Biblical perspective. The Host, Lindsay is a Master Coach of Holistic Health, CPT, Primal Health and Wellness Coach and Master Li...
Health in the Real World Artwork
Health in the Real World
Chris Janke interviews health and fitness guests, such as personal trainers, chiropractors, motivational speakers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and more.
Empowered Eating Artwork
Empowered Eating
Registered Dietitian and intuitive eating coach Lauren Boline here to teach you all about intuitive eating and living a life full of food freedom & body respect.
Let’s Get Wicked Deep A Dating Podcast Artwork
Let’s Get Wicked Deep A Dating Podcast
Let’s Get Wicked Deep A Dating Podcast, with Kelly & Cali, is a dating podcast with two certified relationship coaches. Join us as we talk relationships, dating, healing, and so much more!!
Wild Blue Yonder Meditations Artwork
Wild Blue Yonder Meditations
Join Alexis Miller, 200 RYT and iRest Yoga Nidra instructor, to practice yoga nidra. Through this form of meditation, listeners can reduce their stress and symptoms of trauma, while increasing their sense of well-being and ea...
This Girl Audra Artwork
This Girl Audra
Tired of feeling so confused over what to eat, how to exercise, how to balance your hormones, and how to actually FEEL & LOOK GOOD?! Maybe you've tried every diet, every exercise routine, researched for hours, can't figure o...
Caregiver SOS On Air Artwork
Caregiver SOS On Air
This hour-long weekly radio show airs 6 p.m. Sundays on NewsTalk 930 (AM) KLUP in the Greater San Antonio region. Hosted by nationally recognized gerontologist Carol Zernial and veteran broadcaster Ron Aaron, and featuring au...
Cultured Food Life Artwork
Cultured Food Life
Discover how to make and serve delicious probiotic foods and improve your overall health with Donna Schwenk. In her weekly radio show "Cultured Food Life" (new episodes every Tuesday),Donna will de-mystify different probioti...
How to Do the Pot Artwork
How to Do the Pot
How to Do the Pot is demystifying cannabis for women. Are you secretly Googling questions about weed? We’re here to help - and to inspire you to feel confident about cannabis for fun, well-being, and health. Hosted by Ellen...
WELLNESS FROM WITHIN™ with Melissa Stewart - Health Coaching, Empowerment, Discipleship & Faith Artwork
WELLNESS FROM WITHIN™ with Melissa Stewart - Health Coaching, Empowerment, Discipleship & Faith
Health & Wellness Coaching *Small Shifts*Faith*Compassion*Healing* Feeling stuck? Been there. Overthinking? Always. Somewhere between underwhelm and overwhelm we’ve lost connection to ourselves, to others, and even to...
Healthy-ish Artwork
Hosted by Felicity Harley, the Healthy-ish podcast will give you the tools to make healthier decisions, for your mind, body and soul. Featuring guest interviews with the likes of Osher Günsberg, Michelle Bridges and Turia Pit...
Tales from the Heart Artwork
Tales from the Heart
An inspiring, educational and informative collection of conversations with thought leaders, physicians, industry, and patients related to cardiac care. We will discuss living with heart disease, treating patients, legislativ...
Living An Ultra Life Artwork
Living An Ultra Life
Living An Ultra Life: How running can help you overcome obstacles. Ten years ago, chaos erupted in multiple areas of my life, creating a “perfect storm” strong enough to kill most of my hopes and dreams. Running helped me beg...