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I Can't Believe It's Not The Mouse! Artwork
I Can't Believe It's Not The Mouse!
We all know about Disney cartoons right? Most people know animated movies from the Mouse House, well, this is a podcast that highlights animated features NOT from Disney. Other animation studios exist and it's time to talk ab...
Fandor Festival Podcast Artwork
Fandor Festival Podcast
Join Fandor as we dive into the world of Film Festivals. From interviews with leading festival winners, directors, and behind the scenes looks, Fandor Festival podcast is your source for Independent Film Festival coverage. Se...
Millennials at the Movie House Artwork
Millennials at the Movie House
3 millennials. 1 podcast. A million old movies. Welcome to Millennials at the Movie House: www.millennialsatthemoviehouse.com
Reel Window: Rewatching Random Movies from our Childhood Artwork
Reel Window: Rewatching Random Movies from our Childhood
This is a podcast where two sisters, and sometimes a guest, rewatch movies they saw when they were kids and review them. With humour, sarcasm, and random tidbits of info, this is a great listen for anyone born in the 80s, any...
Pound & Slash Marvel Media Podcast Artwork
Pound & Slash Marvel Media Podcast
We cover up to date news and reviews of Marvel movies and shows, both animated and live action. Come hang out with us for a bit! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/helladepraved/support
Horror Queers Artwork
Horror Queers
Each week, queer hosts Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman discuss a horror film with LGBTQ+ themes, a high camp quotient or both. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
A Film By... Artwork
A Film By...
A Film By... is a podcast created and hosted by Brad Koszo and Jeff Johnson. Together, they wax intellectual about Hollywood's biggest film directors, their underrated movies, and the things we love about them.
Help Me, I'm Scared with Katie Bowman Artwork
Help Me, I'm Scared with Katie Bowman
Help Me, I'm Scared with Katie Bowman is another podcast about horror films but so much more! Each episode dives into a favorite horror film with a new guest each week. You will hear Katie and her guests talk about each film,...
Two friends with strong opinions watch films separately then discuss them on the show for the first time. Can their friendship survive? Join Mike and Dan as they discuss one film each episode--and in only fifteen minutes, giv...
By Its Cover Artwork
By Its Cover
A husband and wife duo tackle the perils of movie night by picking movies in the only way that matters, by their covers. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/byitscover/support
In-Flight Entertainment Podcast Artwork
In-Flight Entertainment Podcast
Find out what movies will keep you entertained on your next flight. Yusuf and Genoa breakdown what's good, bad, and what movies are best to watch while you're being interrupted by seatmates, kids kicking your chair, or the no...
Bad Movies Rule! Artwork
Bad Movies Rule!
A group of friends & filmmakers discuss why some movies deserve more love and why others are on the garbage pile for a reason.
Spooky Tuesday Artwork
Spooky Tuesday
Spooky Tuesday is a weekly horror movie podcast hosted by three girls who love fake blood, making everything gay, and Matthew Lillard! We’re breaking down all of our favorite slashers, thrillers, monster movies, and black com...
Cult Film Showdown Artwork
Cult Film Showdown
Home of the best podcasts around
Horroreview Artwork
Join me as I watch and review horror movies that you may or may not have seen. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/horroreview/support
Netflix 'N Swill Artwork
Netflix 'N Swill
Netflix has so much content that it’s hard to sift through all of it. Every single Tuesday, Dan and Caleb comb through Netflix and tell you what’s worth your time and what’s not. So if you’re someone who enjoys good discussio...
Save Trash Cinema Artwork
Save Trash Cinema
Save Trash Cinema is the quintessential podcast for all Trash Crusaders! In this podcast we give new life to the under appreciated films of yesteryear. If you can find it in a bargain bin or a dumpster, you better believe we...
Will and Matt Artwork
Will and Matt
Will Milosky and Matthew Ryan Williams discuss their favorite moments as they nerd out over their favorite franchises and films. Disclaimer: Spoilers and Explicit Language
Review Rewind Artwork
Review Rewind
With very different tastes and backgrounds, married couple Mike and Krista watch some of the most beloved movies. Question is, will they agree whether they were good or not?
The Penn Cinema Podcast Artwork
The Penn Cinema Podcast
Join Penn Cinema's Penn Ketchum and David Moulton as they talk movie news, reviews, and take a look behind the scenes at the theater.
Garbage In, Garbage Out Artwork
Garbage In, Garbage Out
pardon the weekly load of trash from Grift and Kelton
Let's Talk - Movies Artwork
Let's Talk - Movies
A true movie lovers podcast celebrating great films worth revisiting or seeing for the first time. Host: Jason Connell, film/tv expert & award-winning documentary producer.
Movies in the Mirror Artwork
Movies in the Mirror
Movies in the Mirror is a show for everyone with nostalgic memories of cinema. In each episode, friends and cousins Tom and Arthur Browne revisit a film they haven’t seen for many years and see how it lives up to their recoll...
Matt Goes To The Movies is made for fans to interact with the show and discuss our love of cinema.
The Beandubbed Podcast Artwork
The Beandubbed Podcast
A weekly discussion about movies helmed by a huge movie nerd by the name of Beandurd aka Seth. Since every podcast needs a niche, on a monthly basis the theme of the month will change. Typically discussing the works of direct...