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The Movie Newbie Artwork
The Movie Newbie
A podcast where two movie aficionados discuss film, old and new, with a complete utter newbie that, most of the time, has no idea what he's talking about. Every episode, the experts give the newbie a movie to watch, then they...
Movies, Music, Books, Etc by Snehith Kumbla Artwork
Movies, Music, Books, Etc by Snehith Kumbla
Celebrating the hundred million songs and counting of the many different languages, the many cinemas that make Indian cinema an epic joy to the senses.
The Take Artwork
The Take
This is the Take. It's where you come to understand more about your favorite movies, shows and culture. Our video essays make the story worlds you enter richer and deeper. Think: Endings Explained, Character Studies, Hidden M...
Dad's Movie Night Artwork
Dad's Movie Night
Two dads watching movies from our youth and trying to figure out if they hold up, should they be rebooted, and... should we force our kids to eventually watch them.
Fan Effect Artwork
Fan Effect
Beyond Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming and Tech, the brains behind Fan Effect are connoisseurs of categories surpassing the nerdy. Brilliant opinions and commentary on all things ‘geek’, but surprising knowledge and witty arguments o...
Movies By McManus Artwork
Movies By McManus
Welcome to Movies By McManus, a new YouTube channel and Podcast discussing movies, TV, books, comics, and all types of media in the context of who created it and what effect it's trying to have on the world. Short video br...
Robert Podcastson Artwork
Robert Podcastson
Robert Podcastson is a brand-new podcast from the Drive-In Podcast Network focusing on who else, Robert Pattinson! Each episode Kenzie (@kenzvanunu) and Hannah (@moviesandcats) will discuss different areas of Rob’s life, both...
Lights, Camera, Rant Artwork
Lights, Camera, Rant
Welcome to the Lights, Camera, Rant Podcast! My name is Leigh and I will be your host every Tuesday morning for this weekly show where I’ll be talking about the latest in Movies, TV shows, Pop Culture and Video Games. Thi...
From My Mom's Garage Artwork
From My Mom's Garage
A weekly podcast with 2 friends discussing trending nerd culture topics and movie reviews
Food For Thought: Reviews And Reacts Artwork
Food For Thought: Reviews And Reacts
Unique opinions, perspectives and reviews on movies, tv, shows, theatre, games and all things pop culture
SiftPop Artwork
A podcast dedicated to doing the work it takes to dig up the pop culture gold. Every weekend join Aaron Dicer, Andrew Ormsby, and a rotating group of guest gurus, as they review the latest films and dig through pop culture lo...
Get Out The House! Artwork
Get Out The House!
Hello Killers, Queens, and everybody in between! Get Out The House is a comedic podcast where your hosts Ash, Zannie, and Nick discuss horror movies through a racial lens, specifically asking why white people do what they do...
Semi-Cinematic Artwork
Discussions on films of the highest, and lowest caliber.
Bromance Podcast Artwork
Bromance Podcast
Two dudes talking about romantic comedies because love is dead and movies are real. "Starring" (in the loosest sense of the word) Garrett and Boka. New episodes every Monday. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bromancepo...
More Movies Please! Artwork
More Movies Please!
Steven and Sean want to watch all the movies. No really, ALL the movies. We're both filmmakers (although Sean's been dabbling in other things) who love to talk about all the movies we see. Each episode, we discuss a movie we'...
Shine Like Stars Podcast Artwork
Shine Like Stars Podcast
A weekly movie podcast talking about the latest news and releases with some cool people! If you like what you hear, please subscribe and check out my Instagram page! @shinelikestarsreviews
Mama Needs a Movie Artwork
Mama Needs a Movie
At the end of a long day of work or taking care of kids, who doesn't want a nice glass of whatever movie is streaming? On this hot new pod, Anne and Ryan, two longtime movie-loving pals, capture their total nonsense discussio...
The A24 Project Artwork
The A24 Project
Lee Hutchison and Dallas King tackle every single movie released by A24, one of the most groundbreaking companies distributing some of the industry's most original films. We also bring you interviews with the people behind Ei...
Slay Away Artwork
Slay Away
Slay Away is a horror podcast hosted by E.L. King. Join us as we discuss horror films, the true events that inspired them, lore, gore and every kill in between with special guests. #SlayAwayWithUs Connect - beacons.ai/slayawa...
Entertainlogy Artwork
Welcome to Entertainlogy! This is where you can find Gabe and Paulo review Movies, TV Shows and Games. Spoliers Included! A laid back, not so serious podcast. You can expect bi-weekly podcasts right here. Don‘t forget to rate...
Dissecting The 80s Artwork
Dissecting The 80s
Tripp and Andrew Laino have been watching movies together since 1992, and making fun of them together since 1999, when a rainy afternoon of babysitting turned into 8 straight hours of cheesy science fiction, popcorn and jokes...
Biopics (Mostly) Suck Podcast Artwork
Biopics (Mostly) Suck Podcast
This is a strange little podcast.​ On the surface, we are just another movie podcast that fact checks biopics. Scratch that surface and you find that truth can be stranger than fiction. We are here with a mission to present...
Dan Murrell Podcast Artwork
Dan Murrell Podcast
Movie reviews and box office analysis. Subscribe to 'Dan Murrell Podcast' on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, or Audible, with more podcast platforms coming soon.
Dissect that Film Artwork
Dissect that Film
We love slicing and dicing into movies we love, hate and maybe have never seen. Join us on our weekly adventures on your favorite podcast service or on YouTube.
Eating Soup Alone Artwork
Eating Soup Alone
A weekly podcast hosted by Christopher Crumley and co-hosted by Nick Johnson. Each episode contains roughly an hour of rambling about anywhere from one to four movies (or so). New episodes uploaded every Monday. Patreon: htt...