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The Evolution of Horror Artwork
The Evolution of Horror
Welcome horror fans! The Evolution of Horror is a weekly movie discussion podcast that covers the history of horror cinema, one sub-genre at a time. From Universal Monsters to 80s slashers, from Alfred Hitchcock to Jordan Pee...
Downlowd: The Rise and Fall of Harry Knowles and Ain't It Cool News Artwork
Downlowd: The Rise and Fall of Harry Knowles and Ain't It Cool News
Downlow.d is a deep dive audio documentary series that explores the morally complicated, occasionally inspiring and often forgotten oral histories of the internet. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/downlowdpod/support
Downlowd Artwork
Downlow.d is a deep dive audio documentary series that explores the morally complicated, occasionally inspiring and often forgotten oral histories of the internet. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/downlowdpod/support
Nerd Skool Artwork
Nerd Skool
The NerdSkool Podcast features Andy Hunsaker, Tiffany Bryant Jackson and ArtStar as the Nerd Faculty and Joe Hunsaker is their pupil. Joe is a wanna be nerd. He likes super heroes, but doesn’t always know the back story. H...
That Song From That Movie Artwork
That Song From That Movie
Join Dietrich, Alex and Ben every fortnight on a journey through the very best (and worst) of movie songs. Send us your suggestions on Twitter: @TSFTMpod
Closed Set w/ T. Alexis Artwork
Closed Set w/ T. Alexis
With every episode, host T. Alexis revisits and celebrates the life and selected works of a different filmmaker from a bygone era of cinema, from the New Hollywood movement to the French New Wave and everything in between. Pr...
Drive-In Double Feature Podcast Artwork
Drive-In Double Feature Podcast
Two movies a week are covered by Ryan and Nathan, two Film Studies majors, talking mostly about the trashiest, the sleaziest, and fun films. It's a funny and informative podcast for any lover of weird hidden movies or someone...
CineNation Artwork
The CineNation Podcast analyzes the histories and tropes of film genres and why we love them.
Cinema Oblivia Artwork
Cinema Oblivia
Your home for discussions on disregarded, tossed aside, thrown away, outdated, out-of-fashion or otherwise unremembered films.
The Incinerator Podcast Artwork
The Incinerator Podcast
A subverted movie elimination game where guests take turns sending films from a list of 25 into the incinerator, never to be seen again. Only one film will survive the incinerator, complicated by a special secret guest known...
The Old Kids Movies Artwork
The Old Kids Movies
Revisit millennial kids movies! Trevor Howell and AJ Beltis recount the popular, obscure, and forgotten movies of our childhood, asking ourselves if the movie still holds up, what it would take to release the movie today, and...
Best Picture This Artwork
Best Picture This
Every Best Picture nominee of the 21st century. Join Mike and Brian as they reevaluate the films and Academy Awards of the past, talk trivia and top fives, and address the big question: "Would you keep or kick the Academy...
Journey Through Sci-Fi Artwork
Journey Through Sci-Fi
Journey Through Sci-Fi is a movie discussion podcast that covers Sci-Fi movies both old and new. Each week your hosts James and Matt explore the world of Science Fiction by discussing and comparing different films from the ge...
For Your Reconsideration Artwork
For Your Reconsideration
Join Nic Cage and JCVD enthusiasts Rob, Simon and James as they dig into a vault of underrated movies from yesteryear to see if they are rightly shunned to the bargain buckets of Asda, or whether they do indeed deserve recons...
The Ghost of Hollywood Artwork
The Ghost of Hollywood
The Ghost of Hollywood is a late night talk show and podcast focused on movies. It is hosted by Ms. Ragan & Poxy Lynard.
Unspooled Artwork
Listen up, film fans! Actor & comedian Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson want your advice as they make the ultimate list of the greatest movies of all time. In Season 1, they watched every one of the AFI’s Top 100 fil...
The Vince Vaughn-a-thon Artwork
The Vince Vaughn-a-thon
Join Patrick and Taylor as they breakdown the entire filmography of one of Hollywood's most surprising stars: Vince Vaughn. See how the film industry has changed over time through this chronological exploration of what keeps...
Yesteryear Ballyhoo Revue Artwork
Yesteryear Ballyhoo Revue
Laughs & Lessons From Hollywood's Golden Age
Beam Me Up Scotty Artwork
Beam Me Up Scotty
In the style of The Tonight Show, and Sonny & Cher, Beam Me Up Scotty brings the format to the podcast platform. Kenny Scott, Brian, Dawson, and actor Trevor Lissauer bring fun and entertainment to each and every episode with...
Film History: The History Of Film Artwork
Film History: The History Of Film
FH:HF is a weekly deep dive into all things Film History: The History of Film. Gather the family around the radio and tune in for historic film stories. From Wings to Waterworld, from James Cagney to Brad Pitt, Jimmy, Dev and...
I Love Old Movies Artwork
I Love Old Movies
A guy and his 17 year old daughter discuss the films and people of Old Hollywood. Ok, maybe that oversimplifies it a bit. Derek is an educator with a degree in Film Studies, and Sam is an aspiring actress with close to 50 st...
Den of Cin Artwork
Den of Cin
"Den of Cin" is a movie podcast by Devin Lucas & James Dufresne, two friends since high school and movie nerds for life. Coming from their own backgrounds in writing & art, Devin & James bring their uniquely quali...
Calling Old Hollywood Artwork
Calling Old Hollywood
Calling Old Hollywood is a Podcast and Youtube Channel that focuses on personal & intimate encounters of the actors, actresses, comedians, and musicians from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and occasionally recent stars.Each wee...
Aughtsterion Artwork
Like the Criterion Collection but more gay and more fun, Aughtsterion chronicles and canonizes the horror films released around the turn of the new millennium.
Splat Attack Artwork
Splat Attack
The Slime Tank is brimming with nostalgia and about to overflow! Co-Hosts Brett Wilson & Alex Nantz scoop out the slimy goodness together with the help of our listeners (known as Slimesters and Gakoids),one episode at a time...