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Disney podcast, the movie Artwork
Disney podcast, the movie
I watch Disney movies and I talk about them so if you want to hear my thoughts on a movie you have come to the right place
My Husband Made Me Do It Artwork
My Husband Made Me Do It
Before plague ravaged the land, Katie's husband used to travel regularly for work. While sitting alone in hotels, airports and on airplanes, he found he had a lot of free time on his hands. Naturally, he started watching rom-...
Allentown Presents Artwork
Allentown Presents
This podcast started as a project in October to review horror movies and it evolved into a crazy collection of Horror, Comedy, Wrestling, Simpsons themes and so much more.
Kill James Bond! Artwork
Kill James Bond!
Alice Caldwell-Kelly, Abi Thorn and Devon watch a different Bond film each fortnight in an attempt to give 007 the socialist, feminist upcoming he so richly deserves.
MOVIED! Artwork
Craig Benzine of wheezywaiter and Jake Jarvi of pineappleboyfilms talk about movies and ask each other six questions raised by the film.
MES Explores Artwork
MES Explores
Welcome to MES Explores (formerly Mise-en-Scène),a show where we look at all manner of films from around the world, and, more often than not, take a cerebral look at the story lines and deeper meanings contained within.
Who Watches Artwork
Who Watches
We break down episodes of genre TV like The Mandalorian & The Book of Boba Fett!
You Can't Handle The Truth Artwork
You Can't Handle The Truth
A film review podcast with a secret ingredient; Brutal honesty. No punches will be pulled, this is 100% honesty in every review from the highest highs to the absolute lowest of the low. As a film lover I always have plenty to...
The Jake Gyllenhaal Fan Club Artwork
The Jake Gyllenhaal Fan Club
A podcast for the Gyllenhooligan in us all! Unpacking a new Jake Gyllenhaal film (alongside Jake Gyllenhaal lore) every week! The Jake Gyllenhaal Fan Club airs LIVE, every Monday at 4pm EST on WMUC Digital College Park!
Uneeda Horror Podcast Artwork
Uneeda Horror Podcast
A couple of knuckleheads sharing their love and passion for horror, physical media, and whatever else comes to mind.
Secondhand Film Critics Artwork
Secondhand Film Critics
Your favorite source for mildly pretentious, semi-uneducated, and highly unqualified opinions on movies! Episodes every Tuesday @ 10 AM!
Torres Brothers Podcast Artwork
Torres Brothers Podcast
It's just the boys talking about films. Mostly, we'll be talking about deep cuts or newer releases and occasionally we'll have guests! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/torresbrothers/support
Siftpop Writers' Room Artwork
Siftpop Writers' Room
You know Siftpop. But you may not know all the hard-working, talented, movie-loving contributors on the site. Well, now you can! We'll be discussing a wide variety of movies both current and classic. At Siftpop, we're your mo...
Suds and Cinema Artwork
Suds and Cinema
Suds and Cinema is dedicated to good beer and discussing film. Each episode we will drink a different craft beer, review newly released films, as well as what we've been watching. Hosted by Kyle Grimes, Jacob Saldana, and Jos...
Shocked & Applaud Artwork
Shocked & Applaud
Shocked and Applaud is a Podcast devoted to an in-depth scene-by-scene analysis (spoilers) of some of the strangest film that is worth a double take. With hosts Naomi McQuade and Lydia Malcolm, co-hosted and produced by Jen M...
B-Bin Horror Artwork
B-Bin Horror
The B-Bin is a podcast where five friends talk about ridiculous horror movies and share a laugh while doing it. Each episode will consist of a movie review where we discuss the movie and talk about the most random things we c...
Random Movie Musings Artwork
Random Movie Musings
Thoughts on a variety of movies ranging from The Good, to The Bad, to The Strange. A look into the often overlooked selection of ignored, cult, or just plain odd cinema available on the numerous, and oftentimes free, streami...
The Rom Com Rewind Podcast Artwork
The Rom Com Rewind Podcast
This is a show where we re-watch your favourite Romantic Comedies, break em down a bit, take a peak behind the curtain, dig beneath the surface and decide... do they still hold up?
Shonen Dump Artwork
Shonen Dump
Join Grimsteak, James Cruz, Flavortown, and LadyEboshi as we discuss new and old anime in a very casual manner. New episodes once or twice a month and always welcoming listener interaction.
Movie Lovers Unite Artwork
Movie Lovers Unite
Welcome to Movie Lovers Unite, where the guests are the co hosts and I’m the host with most John DiGregorio and on this show we do movie news, movie reviews, top 10 shows, movie topics, tv news, and tv reviews!
Let's Talk About Flix Artwork
Let's Talk About Flix
Let's Talk About Flix is the collaboration of Oz-N-Curtis, a couple of nobody's with a great sense of humor, great insight and knowledge of movies, and a love of Salt-N-Pepa. Tune in each week as they discuss a movie tied int...
Plug It Up Artwork
Plug It Up
Plug it Up is a horror movie podcast about the monstrous feminine. Host Caitlin Grant and her funny guests look at the monstrous feminine in all its forms, including: monstrous menstruation (like Carrie and Ginger Snaps),mon...
Valley West Cinemas Artwork
Valley West Cinemas
This is the podcast where we take a group of related films and eliminate all but three.
Speak All Evil Podcast Artwork
Speak All Evil Podcast
We talk about all things Evil, Dark, Scary, Disturbing and Gruesome. Horror film fanatics talking about horror movies, social issues, current events, and why you SHOULDN'T look away. Hosts Trent Gay, Cat Smith, Kevin Kennie,...
The People Under The Scares Artwork
The People Under The Scares
Welcome to The People Under The Scares. This horror podcast is for fiends of the dark, eerie and disturbed. Join Mike and Bobby every Monday as they review cult classics, guilty pleasures and beyond.