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My Husband Made Me Do It

A Film Reviews podcast by Katie Reynolds and Lydea Irwin

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Before plague ravaged the land, Katie's husband used to travel regularly for work. While sitting alone in hotels, airports and on airplanes, he found he had a lot of free time on his hands. Naturally, he started watching rom-coms to fill the time. And naturally, he started insisting that Katie watch the rom-coms with him when he got home. Sometimes, this was a sweet gesture. He wanted her to enjoy a cute or funny movie with him. Other times, it was just because the movie was so bad he needed someone else to suffer too.Enter Lydea, the couple's friend, who finds the forced rom-com watching thing very funny and wants to watch them too for some unknown reason.Not going to lie, folks, there will be some absolute duds of movies, but there are a lot of good ones, too! Be prepared for spoilers--in fact, just assume there will be spoilers everywhere--and come join us as we review the rom-coms Katie's dear, sweet husband made her watch.