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Infinite Minute Artwork
Infinite Minute
Sk8 + friends = Infinite Minute! Adapting the movie-by-minute podcast genre to anime-by-minute, Jonathon Lawrence and Cailtin Mathieson attempt to rewatch the Winter 2021 anime 'Sk8 the Infinity' minute by minute! They'll ana...
Greendale Human Podcasters Artwork
Greendale Human Podcasters
Welcome to the Greendale Human Podcasters! We are 3 Aussie guys who wanted to do a Community rewatch podcast just for fun. Join us as we understand the Community roller coaster ride of six seasons and a movie. We don’t promis...
Jacey’s Creek Artwork
Jacey’s Creek
A Pacey and Joey podcast, recapping every episode of Dawson’s Creek two main characters Pacey and Joey. Individually and together. Follow along for the journey to recap every thought I have along the way.
The Plaidcast Supernatural Rewatch Artwork
The Plaidcast Supernatural Rewatch
Join two literary nerds and Supernatural devotees in rewatching and (over)analyzing the show from episode one. We've got work to do! (Spoilers for seasons 1-15!) Can't see our early episodes? Our show catalogue is here:...
How D'Ya Like Me Now? Artwork
How D'Ya Like Me Now?
Join Will and Liz on a nostalgia trip into the best and worst of kids TV from the 80's and 90's to see if anything holds up.
Schitt List Artwork
Schitt List
A Schitt's Creek Podcast
The Vampire Journals Artwork
The Vampire Journals
I tricked my friends into watching "The Vampire Diaries", a teen vampire drama. We're going to watch every episode and find out if this show is actually any good. Follow co-hosts Morgan Ormond and El Haney and their team of...
Exterminating Doctor Who Artwork
Exterminating Doctor Who
The show where a life-long Whovian and casual fan debate whether Doctor Who's most talked-about episodes are as good or as bad as their reputations!
SuperHero Sundays! Artwork
SuperHero Sundays!
We talk about superheros tv, movies, comic books, video games, and cosplay. FOLLOW ME ON Patreon page: www.patreon.com/user?u=10265422 Instagram page: www.instagram.com/toledobatman/?hl=en Facebook page: www.faceboo...
Raine On Your Parade Artwork
Raine On Your Parade
A podcast where I break down tv shows, films, books, and music. https://linktr.ee/RaineFielder Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/raine-l/support
The SchittShow Artwork
The SchittShow
A Schitt$ Creek Podcast Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theschittshow/support
Super Boob Tube Dudes Artwork
Super Boob Tube Dudes
A RabblePress Original
The Very Pointed Tonecast: A Drag Race Recap Podcast Artwork
The Very Pointed Tonecast: A Drag Race Recap Podcast
Hosts Emre and André discuss new episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race and its various spin-offs with wit and mess. Follow the queers: Emre: https://twitter.com/c3nric André: https://twitter.com/jyggly
Sestra-tainment Artwork
Sestra-tainment is a podcast of 2 real-life sisters covering a wide variety of entertainment topics. From TV to Movies and TikTok to Instagram, Sestra-tainment covers a variety of topics on a weekly basis. Join us for our fav...
One For All - A My Hero Academia Podcast Artwork
One For All - A My Hero Academia Podcast
A My Hero Academia rewatch Podcast. Each week, we dive into every episode and argue over who really is PLUS ULTRA!
Wow!! Cool Robot!!! Artwork
Wow!! Cool Robot!!!
Wow!! Cool Robot!!! is a podcast about Gundam! Starting with the original Mobile Suit Gundam, I (Max) will be progressing through the entire animated history of those big ol' robots and maybe even finding out a few things abo...
Geeks Unleashed Artwork
Geeks Unleashed
Two geeks separated by an ocean discuss the latest news in comics, film, TV, video games, and all things nerdy!
Doctor Who : Regenerated Artwork
Doctor Who : Regenerated
Regenerated is a weekly podcast hosted by Matt and Beckie, where we go through the Doctor who episodes starting with the Unearthly Child through to current era. we share thoughts and opinions about the episodes and get the pe...
Reviews with Z Artwork
Reviews with Z
In this podcast i will be reviewing TV shows and Movies. The podcast will be focused on historical Movies and TV shows, dramas and scifi.
Let's Talk about Magnum P.I. Artwork
Let's Talk about Magnum P.I.
A fan run podcast about Magnum P.I. Find recaps of episodes, discussions and speculations here! Hosted by Yve and Liz Podcast theme music by Transistor.fm.
Doctor Who Adversaries Artwork
Doctor Who Adversaries
In each episode of “Doctor Who Adversaries”, we talk a look at a nemesis of the good Doctor.
SNL Hall of Fame Artwork
SNL Hall of Fame
The SNL Hall of Fame podcast is a place where we invite passionate fans and students of the show to make a case for the casts, hosts, musical guests, writers that made the magic happen in Studio 8H. Each month join us for a...
Jay Moore Reviews Artwork
Jay Moore Reviews
I review Tv Shows & Movies with a comedic touch as well as news and sports. The majority of my podcast are audio only versions of my youtube videos from the YouTube channel Jay Moore Reviews
Making Fun of MacGyver Artwork
Making Fun of MacGyver
A rib-tickling takedown of our favorite adventure TV show from the 80s, MacGyver! Join Sam, Mike and Jeff as they dig unnecessarily deep into each episode of the series and - perhaps - learn a little something about friendshi...
The Doctor Who Show Artwork
The Doctor Who Show
Rob Irwin and David Kitchen present The Doctor Who Show - a monthly podcast that takes in Doctor Who news and a topic of the month in each episode. Other weeks in the month play host to shorter episodes like Primary Sources a...