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General Pyschology, Winter 2009 Artwork
General Pyschology, Winter 2009
A general introduction to the various fields within psychology. Within each of the fields we will discuss theoretical issues and research findings. Critical thinking is encouraged as we explore the methods and content of psyc...
Recovering Stolen Generations, Land, and Culture: Indigenous Rights & Transitional Justice Artwork
Recovering Stolen Generations, Land, and Culture: Indigenous Rights & Transitional Justice
Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study. Conference dealing with Indigenous Rights & Truth Commissions
Moments With Mahogany... Artwork
Moments With Mahogany...
Friends, Family, Life, Odd News, Current Issues, Blogs, and a lot of random thoughts.
Conceptions of Press Freedom Artwork
Conceptions of Press Freedom
Professor Onora O'Neill discusses philosophical conceptions of press freedom in historical and contemporary terms, raising some thought-provoking questions. Festival of Ideas talk recorded Wednesday 22 October 2008.
Developmental Psychology, Fall 2008 Artwork
Developmental Psychology, Fall 2008
UC Davis psychology lecturer Victoria Cross delivers this course on the developmental account of human behavior from conception through adolescence with emphasis on motor skills, mental abilities, motivation, and social inter...
Aids PropagandA Response Team (APART) Artwork
Aids PropagandA Response Team (APART)
Since 1984, when Dr. Robert Gallo announced at a press conference that HIV caused AIDS, there has been an ongoing debate within the medical and scientific community whether Gallo was right. Today there are over 2300 medical a...
SolelyJ's UFO Podcast Artwork
SolelyJ's UFO Podcast
Just a hopeful podcaster. A bit of UFO talk all the while learning about audio recording.
UCD Geary Institute Artwork
UCD Geary Institute
The UCD Geary Institute conducts leading edge research on life course issues and the way public policy affects life outcomes. The hallmarks of the Institute are a unified methodology and cross-disciplinary perspective; and r...
Mother Antonia Artwork
Mother Antonia
Mother Antonia, or Madre Antonia as she is known in Spanish, is an American-born Roman Catholic nun and activist, who resides in a Mexican maximum security prison. Born as Mary Clarke in 1926, she has lived for the past three...
World G Artwork
World G
JustCovid International (in English) Artwork
JustCovid International (in English)
An international discussion on human rights during the pandemic.
Science Point Interview Artwork
Science Point Interview
Fahreza each week as he explores cutting-edge breakthroughs and controversial issues with leading scientists and journalists Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brian-tuleh/support
Scamnation: a World of Fraud Artwork
Scamnation: a World of Fraud
Explore various frauds and scams in modern history
De Kostgangers Artwork
De Kostgangers
De Kostgangers zijn nieuwsgierig naar de menselijke ervaring, dat kan in de wereld van de economie, kunst of de exacte wetenschap zijn. We schetsen een beeld van hoe we ons als mens gedragen en stellen de vraag waarom. Op...
Moderate Sociology Artwork
Moderate Sociology
Ricky is a Sociology graduate and hopes to present the discipline of Sociology in a reasonable way.
Varied Interests with Tarun Betala Artwork
Varied Interests with Tarun Betala
Varied Interests is a show about exactly that -- the many different interests that we have which make life worth living. Join me, your host, Tarun Betala, as we explore philosophy, history, music, movies, psychology, cultur...
Let's Talk It Out Podcast Artwork
Let's Talk It Out Podcast
Stories and experiences of people who grew up in urban communities, specifically around trauma, resiliency, and post-traumatic growth. The topics range for lighthearted stories of people overcoming adversities to the emotiona...
Motivational Interviewing and the TV Show Columbo Artwork
Motivational Interviewing and the TV Show Columbo
TV show Columbo. Curious about what this character has to do with psychology? You'd be surprised. In this episode I analyze Columbo along with the Jennifer Garner movie, "Peppermint". I also explain why you remember how to ri...
Doug Vossen Reality Tour Artwork
Doug Vossen Reality Tour
The whole world is full of shit!!! Gun Control, Abortion, Gay Marriage, ISIS, Left Wing, Right Wing, Police Brutality, Political Correctness, Russia, Ukraine, Pornography, League of Legends, search-tag-manipulation-happy-hou...
"HOUSE TALK Pre - Game" w/Dr. Lauren Pitts Artwork
"HOUSE TALK Pre - Game" w/Dr. Lauren Pitts
Tune in to HOUSE TALK Pre-Game with Empowerment Coach and Inspirational Speaker Dr. Lauren Pitts to join the discussion and learn about solution-focused strategies purposed to positively influence the holistic transformation...
Decoding the Mind Artwork
Decoding the Mind
Decoding the Mind with Psychology Research: By summarizing and explaining research using primary sources, this podcast provides a direct line of contact between professional researchers and those wanting to explore the inner...
Lunchtime Social Science Artwork
Lunchtime Social Science
Lunchtime Social Science is a podcast devoted to social science takes on current events and ideas new and old. The hosts are professors of public policy and frequently includes guests and outside contributors.
ThirdDrawerDown Artwork
Nerve Therapy by Podcast. Some Podcasts can actually lower your pulse, slow your respiration and reduce blood pressure. What a fantastic use of a Podcast! See more at: https://thirddrawerdown.buzzsprout.com
Inner Human Artwork
Inner Human
The Inner Human podcast is devoted to providing interesting and novel insights into the field of psychology within a multitude of capacities. Our goal is to offer useful information that can be applied to everyday lives but i...
Our Manic Mates - A Bipolar Podcast Artwork
Our Manic Mates - A Bipolar Podcast
A podcast about Bipolar Australians and the live's they live. To be on the show message us @ourmanicmates on fb or instagram. Stay safe, and look after each other. If you need urgent help please call Lifeline: 13 11 14 or Bey...