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A Cup of Show Artwork
A Cup of Show
Join Tori and Jordan for a 'cup of joe' while they review your favorite films and television shows! Website: www.acupofshowpod.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acupofshow/ Email/Contact: acupofshowpodcast@gmail.co...
A Cosmic Void Artwork
A Cosmic Void
Cataloging a galaxy of genre
We have been watching Artwork
We have been watching
Two lifelong geeks, Robin & Martin, discuss what they've been watching over a cuppa and a biscuit.
Snubs & Dubs Artwork
Snubs & Dubs
The weekly movie podcast where each season is a retrospective look at a year in film with the ultimate question: what were the Snubs & Dubs of Best Picture? Hosted by Kyle Tobiasson and Jason Miller.
Fat Attack Features Artwork
Fat Attack Features
Welcome to Fat Attack Features the bad, rad, and horror movie podcast! My girlfriend and I get drunk and talk about movies and bring some friends in the mix too.
Capes, Cowls, & Close Calls Artwork
Capes, Cowls, & Close Calls
Two buddy's tie up their capes and dive into the world of comic books and everything related to them! Join us as we discuss comics, movies, TV shows and all things superhero related!
Jedi Talk: A Star Wars Podcast Artwork
Jedi Talk: A Star Wars Podcast
Jedi Talk: A Star Wars podcast is hosted by Brad Hughes, Evan Boucher and Tom Okrie. We break down news, rumors and have in depth conversations about Star Wars. Occasionally have special guests! Join in on the fun and may the...
Alternate Ending - Movie Review Podcast Artwork
Alternate Ending - Movie Review Podcast
Alternate Ending was formed when three friends realized they all shared a passion for movies. Our goal is to save you time and money by sharing our thoughts and recommendations on which movies to race to theaters for, which...
1991 Movie Rewind Artwork
1991 Movie Rewind
Join Nikki and Jon in their celebration of the fun, unique and diverse films from the highly underrated year, 1991.
Mostly Superheroes Artwork
Mostly Superheroes
A pursuit for the world’s best stories with an emphasis on live-action superhero cinema. Created by Carrogan Ventures. Hosted by Logan, PC Mike, and The Giggler.
The (Other) Film Guys Artwork
The (Other) Film Guys
We talk movies. Along with the other millions of podcasts. We are The (Other) Film Guys who focus on a different theme of movies every three episodes. Whether that be a genre, location, actor, director, or just a general them...
Nerdabunga Artwork
The finest Podcast this side of the South Farthing that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs!!
The Blockbuster Hall of Fame Artwork
The Blockbuster Hall of Fame
A movie podcast where three friends review movies and franchises to try to determine if they qualify for their Blockbuster Hall of Fame; which is a sacred honor of being a movie so rewatchable that you would hypothetically re...
It's Just 2 Movies Artwork
It's Just 2 Movies
Host Daniel King sits down with a friend to discuss a good movie, then a bad one. That's it...It's Just 2 Movies.
This Seats Taken Artwork
This Seats Taken
This podcast is all about movies. We will be reviewing three movies per episode. The first being a new one in theaters, the second will be the newest streaming movie, and the third will be a throwback movie. Different guest o...
The Office Grunts Artwork
The Office Grunts
As young men they patrolled Baghdad together in the infantry. As middle-aged office professionals...they don't do that anymore. Listen as longtime Army buddies John Arlan Peterson, John Wayne Reynolds, Jr., and Brian Stewart...
Here's Johnny! Artwork
Here's Johnny!
Thank you for checking out our podcast! We release weekly episodes focused on the horror genre, rotating "seasons' that focus on different subgenres of horror! You can learn more about the show on our website (https://heresjo...
Pop Culture Happy Hour Artwork
Pop Culture Happy Hour
Get obsessed with us. Five days a week, Pop Culture Happy Hour serves you recommendations and commentary on the buzziest movies, TV, music, books, videogames and more. Join arts journalists Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen...
Thirsty For More: Alien Franchise Artwork
Thirsty For More: Alien Franchise
Thirsty For More is an exciting movie review/recap podcast hosted by two brothers: Milenko and Aleks. Join them as they take season long deep dives into the movies of some of their favourite actors/franchises. The show is as...
Monsters Vs Men Artwork
Monsters Vs Men
With attention to detail and an appreciation of the genre, a film snob and a fanboy explore the meaning behind monster movies.
Be Kind Please Rewind: A 90's Movies Podcast Artwork
Be Kind Please Rewind: A 90's Movies Podcast
Join Chris and Kevin, two 80s babies, on a cinematic journey across arguably the greatest decade in movie making history! Two amateur movie goers count down every major movie released throughout the 90's while reviewing the t...
Clash Of The Titles Artwork
Clash Of The Titles
CLASH OF THE TITLES sees two movies with something in common go head to head in a fight to the death! Well, not death. We just decide which one is better. Then kill the other! Or not. Every week Alex Zane, Vicky Crompton and...
Be Your Scary Best Artwork
Be Your Scary Best
A podcast with your hosts Ashley and Bradley, where we watch scary movies and then rant about them, usually with a drink. Take this journey with us as we dissect some of your favorite horror movies. From the classics to moder...
Bad Movie Date Night Artwork
Bad Movie Date Night
The phrase ”guilty pleasure” is used too often to alleviate any shame we might feel for enjoying a particular movie. What if the films we called ”guilty pleasures” were actually good? Films that lack the big Hollywood budgets...
Superhero Cinephiles Artwork
Superhero Cinephiles
Author and comic book fan Perry Constantine is your guide into the world of superhero film and TV! In each episode, Perry and a guest tackle a different movie or TV show and go into detail about what works and what doesn't, t...