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Cinephobiacs Artwork
A podcast where we review a podcast that reviews movies we're afraid to admit we love. Fans of the Cinephobe podcast just cutting it up and discussing the movies they reviewed, pods about the movies reviewed and whatever reve...
Where The Fck Are The Popcorn Bags Artwork
Where The Fck Are The Popcorn Bags
Come pack a bowl and join the conversation with Mantis and Brianna as they take some time to introduce you to a new film and then discuss it as only two friends without any credentials could; casually. Just because you didn't...
The Film Snobs Artwork
The Film Snobs
Just a bunch of guys who talk about a different film each week, switching category every month. Spooky, animated, musicals, and feeling lonely are just some of the realms we’ve entered. We also take this 50% seriously. Lett...
Night Of The Horrorphile: A Horror Movie Podcast Artwork
Night Of The Horrorphile: A Horror Movie Podcast
Love Horror movies? Love Comedy? Join Leigh (a horrorphile) as he teaches Brittany (a horror virgin) everything she didn't want to know about Horror!
Cinema Chain Gang Artwork
Cinema Chain Gang
Hollywood is a city of connections. On the CINEMA CHAIN GANG PODCAST, Andrew Auger and Nick Riccardo travel through the history of cinema, chain by chain, by linking random actor to random actor one review at a time. Think th...
Cinema Dual Artwork
Cinema Dual
A couple of friends talking about a couple of movies
Sup Doc: A Documentary Podcast Artwork
Sup Doc: A Documentary Podcast
Sup Docis the#1 Podcast about Documentaries! This lively show features comedy, commentary & recaps with classic and not-so-classic documentaries!On each episode comediansPaco RomaneandGeorge Chengive actual analysis while hil...
WTF Did I Just Watch? Artwork
WTF Did I Just Watch?
Formerly the ”WTF Did I Just Watch?” Podcast, now: ”Time Vworp!: A Classic Doctor Who Rewatch”. Each week, Brian and Tina will be watching a portion of a classic Doctor Who serial, starting from the very first episode, ”An U...
With Mates Podcast Artwork
With Mates Podcast
Film and tv reviews or whatever else takes our fancy with my mates.
So I Married A Horror Fan Artwork
So I Married A Horror Fan
A Husband & Wife Horror podcast.Simon loves horror, Leigh not so much. Join them as they go on this horror journey together
Take Me Out To The Movies Podcast Artwork
Take Me Out To The Movies Podcast
We talk sports! We talk movies! We talk SPORTS MOVIES!
What A Movie: A Nostalgia-Infused Podcast Artwork
What A Movie: A Nostalgia-Infused Podcast
Join hosts Nicole Knudsen and James Ferrero as they remove their nostalgia-tinted glasses and revisit films from their pasts. Will the movies hold up in hindsight? Listen along and find out!
Talking Back Artwork
Talking Back
We review Movies, Comics, Video Games, +More!! Deep dives into our favourite retro, and modern content! Informative and fun, new episodes every Monday!!
Rotten Potatoes Artwork
Rotten Potatoes
Four friends sit down to review movies that you absolutely should have already seen, but at least one of them hasn't. Zack and Tyler are film buffs, and Scott and Jake have seen every Summer Blockbuster in existence. Listen f...
Predict-O-Cast: The Movie Prediction Podcast Artwork
Predict-O-Cast: The Movie Prediction Podcast
A podcast about all things weird (but mostly weird, obscure TV shows). We used to be Predict-O-Cast!
Underrated Artwork
We discuss the films that we feel are; underrated, underappreciated, and even ones that have just slipped under the radar and passed most people by. Look for new episodes every other Monday!
Yet Another DC Animated Podcast Artwork
Yet Another DC Animated Podcast
Two nerds break down the films and comic book influences of the DC Animated Movie Universe.
Horror Soup Artwork
Horror Soup
Expect discussions about strange and amusing occurrences in movies but do not expect intelligent reviews because we're rarely ever right. Except for when it comes to Amityville. We know everything about every Amityville ever...
The Good, The Bad, and The Movies Artwork
The Good, The Bad, and The Movies
Just three guys who are watching bad movies, getting a little tipsy, and giving our honest opinions on these movies.
The Grand Cinema Hotel Artwork
The Grand Cinema Hotel
A podcast hosted by three friends who love cinema
Not Your Father's Movies Artwork
Not Your Father's Movies
Not Your Father's Movies is a podcast where we discuss "dad movies"! Those time-honored classics we loved watching with our fathers, and those classics we want to watch with our own kids. Every week, we break down another ent...
Talking Movies with Bryan Lotocki Artwork
Talking Movies with Bryan Lotocki
From the Box Office to the Home Theatres. Bryan Lotocki scrutinizes a weekly movie and offers "Movie News You Can Use" with latest trailers and casting news across Hollywood. You can also hear "Talking Movies" on your local...
The Wicked Wild Podcast Artwork
The Wicked Wild Podcast
The Wicked Wild Podcast is a movie and television series review show--published bi-weekly--that focuses on horror and thriller stories within the folk, cosmic, science fiction, survival, and wilderness subgenres. Our crew wi...
Jack of All Graves Artwork
Jack of All Graves
A storytelling pod in which an American girl and a Welsh guy bond over a shared love of the terrifying, tragic, bloody, morbid, anxiety-inducing, and horrific -- a joyful and therapeutic exploration of very dark things.
Don't Worry, B Movies Artwork
Don't Worry, B Movies
A movie review podcast where Wade, Amanda, and occasionally a guest review and discuss movies that have flown under society's radar through a lens of positivity. There are segments and some elements that are improvised. Let t...