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Horrific Hack Artwork
Horrific Hack
The Horrific Hack podcast will take listeners on a rich and tantalizing journey through the vast annals of horror film from pioneering works to present day productions. A podcast not bound by sub-genre or time, together we...
Pulp Culture Artwork
Pulp Culture
Some odd years ago, Glenn and Taylor met where heaven meets hell--Tampa, Florida. Their friendship blossomed when they brown-bagged 32 ounces of Pabst Blue Ribbon in a theater parking lot. The movie may have sucked massive sa...
Mama Lives in a Trailer: a Nicolas Cage symposium Artwork
Mama Lives in a Trailer: a Nicolas Cage symposium
Two Nic Cage nuts watch all of his movies and talk about them. We might lose our minds.
CineCrap Artwork
The Show where we watch bad movies and force you to watch them with us. Well, not actually force you because that would be illegal.
Gore with a Pour Artwork
Gore with a Pour
A podcast dedicated to the deconstruction of B-Horror films and wine, or any beverage that suits your fancy.
Matt and Callum: Untitled Artwork
Matt and Callum: Untitled
2 Guys, with charity and community binding us together. Not to mention the fact we both love talking...... LotsThank you to our sponsor RoundtableThe greatest mens club around.
Films with Finn Artwork
Films with Finn
"Films with Finn" is a podcast that explores films, their directors and industry experience. Hosted by Finnian Fae Art by sn0tqueen Music by Penny Lynn Meth
Now and Again: A Movie Podcast Artwork
Now and Again: A Movie Podcast
Now & Again features two movies each month. One new release, and one movie from the past by the same director. Discussions center around the director's style and work as well as general opinions from each host about their tak...
ETA Artwork
Just a brother and sister talking to each other about shows, musicals, current events, anime and whatever else catches our attention.Still a work in progress so follow along as we get better at this.
Movie Shizz Artwork
Movie Shizz
Candid chat about film from 2 guys on the outskirts of the industry.
R&R Rated Artwork
R&R Rated
R & R Rated: the only podcast that makes your teen years of rewinding sexy film scenes seem like insightful cultural analysis! Film critic and Sexualities scholar Roe McDermott and screenwriter and pop culture critic Rory Cas...
Monday-ish Movie Review Artwork
Monday-ish Movie Review
The fact is cinema, movies, and film, can be confusing, I mean that sentence alone was immensely confusing. Join Josh Darby and Jimmy Hall (wildly underqualified, self proclaimed cinema coinsures) as they selflessly take on...
Cinematic Comics Artwork
Cinematic Comics
Comic Book Movies and TV Series, Reviews and Fan Theories, looking backward and looking forwards and so much more...Whether you like Marvel or DC, I like both, you shouldn't have to choose here. we will talk about it all incl...
Midnight Watchers Podcast Artwork
Midnight Watchers Podcast
It’s almost midnight… are you ready to join the Midnight Watchers to talk about their favorite strange and scary movies? Biweekly, Watchers Quentin Lee, Koji Steven Sakai, and Jennifer Field will discuss a different midnight...
Slow Fade to Black: An Analysis of Movies Artwork
Slow Fade to Black: An Analysis of Movies
Join me as we dive into films both old and new. Nothing is off limits and everything is fair game! Welcome!!!
Marriage Counseling and a Movie Artwork
Marriage Counseling and a Movie
Each week, Brently and Trip use a movie as a launching point for a (hopefully fun) conversation and a lens to process love and life.New episodes every Thursday (unless baby says otherwise).
Black Oscar Artwork
Black Oscar
Black Oscar does what the "real" oscars won't do and that award our favorite hood movies and cult classics with the honors that they deserve. Join CJ(IG: chessus_h_christ) TASHA(IG: imjust_tash) and special guest, while they...
Tha Movie Critics Artwork
Tha Movie Critics
two close friends who review old and new movies that we love and hate.....join us as we do deep dives into some of your favorite movies
Film Queens Podcast Artwork
Film Queens Podcast
Two long-distance best friends discussing their favorite films! From Cali to Dublin; one chaotic conversation at a time.
Showtime With Shannon Artwork
Showtime With Shannon
A movie review podcast hosted by Jacob Shannon
Halftime Flute Artwork
Halftime Flute
A movie review podcast .
From Horror Movies to Horror Films and everything in between! Join the host with a scary case of the chits and a gory dose of the chats; Ian Shipman. Conjoined, as always, by co-host Derek Wiggins ..plus Vicki Vile with the '...
Former Favorite Films Artwork
Former Favorite Films
It all started when hosts Röland Black and Wesley Gunn posed two simple questions. What was your favorite film from your childhood? Will you still feel the same about it today? The answers will come each month as they explore...
Comparative Horror Artwork
Comparative Horror
Each episode Maddox (a podcast host who has watched over 250 horror movies and loves to critique them) will pick two horror movies which are very similar (1 popular and 1 not so popular) and examine the similarities and diffe...
Through The Gate Artwork
Through The Gate
We at Through The Gate seek to entertain and connect with folks through the classic internet trend of unapologetically sharing our opinions on movies, tv, video games, and anime! We may not always have a plan, but we always h...