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Who was the real Bathsheba Sherman? Artwork
Who was the real Bathsheba Sherman?
Our research into The Conjuring true story reveals that paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren acted as a consultant to director James Wan and the filmmakers.
Pixoid Media Artwork
Pixoid Media
Covering topic’s from are New Series {60 Seconds Or Less}Movie Reviews, all the way down to today’s media.
R-Rated Reviews Artwork
R-Rated Reviews
Insightful reviews and takes on films, shows, comics, games, and more... from a fellow fan.
I Love This One Artwork
I Love This One
Friends Ari, Josie, and Colin talk about movies that they love and want you to join them!
New Episode Every Week. Gaming. Sports. Films. If you are entertained by any of those tune in every Monday to give yourself a listen about something you enjoy.
Reviews4u Artwork
Talking about movies and tv series. Recommending to you all what to watch and enjoy. The final thing is my rating for every movie and tv series. Enjoy!!!!! 😉
Behind The Fourth Wall Artwork
Behind The Fourth Wall
Welcome to Behind The Fourth Wall. Each week our three hosts will discuss a Film or Television series and each share their thoughts on them.
Movies We Liked As Kids Artwork
Movies We Liked As Kids
Every Week a band of goofs come together to re-watch a movie from our childhood. Watching the movie with fresh eyes allows us to juxtapose what we saw with what we remembered as kids.
Talksploitation Artwork
A married couple watches movies, and then they talk about them. They are not experts. They have very limited experience working in the Film & TV industry. However, that won't sway them from breaking down other people's wor...
Tv shows & Therapy Artwork
Tv shows & Therapy
"Tv shows & Therapy" is a podcast where host Khadija Sugulle, discusses how the entertainment industry, more specifically tv shows/movies has shaped our childhood, and the affect it has on our daily lives, when it comes to...
Let's Discuss Artwork
Let's Discuss
Just a person who wants to discuss movies and tv shows.
Twin Diesel Artwork
Twin Diesel
Join Luke Timmons and Cian Roche as they journey through the storied history of veteran actor and cinematic icon Vin Diesel. Together they'll explore the movies that took Vin from humble beginnings to the legendary status he...
Movie Shouting Artwork
Movie Shouting
Cinema on the Rocks Artwork
Cinema on the Rocks
A Podcast ranging from Movie Reviews to nerding out with the latest news in pop culture
Bigger Boat Movies Artwork
Bigger Boat Movies
Horror movie reviews, film analysis, critically-acclaimed cinema and more. We rate and review the best new horror releases so you know which ones are good and which are bad! New episodes every week.
Film Slice Podcast Artwork
Film Slice Podcast
Film Maker Angus Strachan hosts this movie review podcast alongside his two childhood mates Brodie Richards and Jordan Kane in order to find the good, the bad, and the ugly of whatever hits the cinema screens.
Popular Opposites Artwork
Popular Opposites
Is it possible to be best friends with someone, even though your opinions on pop culture are completely opposite? What else are you supposed to talk about? Popular Opposites pits best friends Shannon, who likes fantasy and sc...
Movie Mates Podcast Artwork
Movie Mates Podcast
Welcome to the Movie Mates podcast where we discuss and review a wide range of movies and TV shows ranging from Lord of the Rings to The Maze Runner to My Neighbor Totoro. We try to give everyone an idea as to whether or not...
Disney Exposed Artwork
Disney Exposed
Breaking down Disney movies
NiO - Nerd it Out Artwork
NiO - Nerd it Out
We talk films.
Fulcrum & The Force Artwork
Fulcrum & The Force
A podcast dedicated to everything Star Wars, check out our youtube channel too! We are one with the force and the force is with us!
Love and Other Rom Coms Artwork
Love and Other Rom Coms
Welcome to Love and Other Rom Coms a conversational podcast about all things romantic comedy. We’re your hosts, Zoe and Kathryn. We’re just two single ladies obsessed with love and we’re ready to share years’ worth of watchin...
Knights of the Film Reel Artwork
Knights of the Film Reel
The most recent and controversial topics in film and TV being discussed by the Knights.
ACStudiosX: Film Reviews Artwork
ACStudiosX: Film Reviews
Join us as we review the latest blockbuster hits and give our thoughts and opinions about what we liked, hated, and overall thought about the film.