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Podcast Without Pretense Artwork
Podcast Without Pretense
Originally started as a podcast about uncluttering your life, "Podcast Without Pretense" is the successor to "Uncluttercast." Eric Sandine, Jonathan Strickland and Iyaz Akhtar discuss anything that pops into their heads. We d...
Small Screen Cinema Artwork
Small Screen Cinema
From the After School Special to the After Hours Special; from Steven Spielberg to Stephen King: Small Screen Cinema is a love letter to age of Made-For-TV movies of all genres and forms.
Small Screen Cinema Artwork
Small Screen Cinema
From the After School Special to the After Hours Special; from Steven Spielberg to Stephen King: Small Screen Cinema is a love letter to age of Made-For-TV movies of all genres and forms.
Unjustly Maligned Artwork
Unjustly Maligned
A pop culture show about the sometimes strange things we love, that other people… don’t. Each episode, comics and games writer Antony Johnston asks a new guest to explain why that thing you hate is actually really great. Foll...
Taboo FX Artwork
Taboo FX
Can't get enough "Taboo" on FX? Dive deeper into the mysteries of Tom Hardy's thrilling TV series with weekly Instacasts and follow-up analysis of each episode. Following on the heels of their hit "Westworld" podcast, the Sha...
Refried Reviews Artwork
Refried Reviews
Whether it's deconstructing a classic, or autopsying a flop, we re-watch movies so you don't have to.
XOXOJK Artwork
XOXOJK is a show about real stuff, funny stuff, good stuff and all the stuff in between from the eyes and mouths of Kate O'Reilly (typically the 'XOXO') and Jenn Schaal (more often than not the 'JK'). Sometimes the roles are...
Direct Artwork
Direct is your officially unofficial podcast that takes a direct trajectory through a director's filmography. Hosted by movie geeks Eric and Levi, the show will walk through every movie that a director has made in chronologic...
Criterion Cast: Off The Shelf Artwork
Criterion Cast: Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf looks at the week's new DVD and Blu-ray releases.
The Thought Bubble Podcast Artwork
The Thought Bubble Podcast
New comics enthusiast Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood and The Station Agents podcast is joined by a guy who still defends Spider-Man's 90's Clone Saga, Da7e Gonzales of Latino-Review.com and Forbes.com, to answer Y...
Everyone's a Critic Artwork
Everyone's a Critic
Straight-talking and (mostly) unpretentious film podcast show, with Samuel Hunt and Jo Stevens.
Val Pals Artwork
Val Pals
Val Pals is the one and only Val Kilmer/Self-Help podcast in which hosts Robert Flippo and Tyler Welter, slacker millennial poster children, seek to better their lives using the lessons they learn from Val Kilmer movies.
FITWR Volume 1 Artwork
FITWR Volume 1
Find new episodes at FightingInTheWarRoom.com
Kylo Trump Artwork
Kylo Trump
Kylo Trump shows the way to the dark side of politics in a humorous way – Donald Trump’s words in Kylo Ren’s voice. Always under a minute long.
Rex Sikes' Movie Beat Artwork
Rex Sikes' Movie Beat
Producer/Actor Rex Steven Sikes talks with celebrities, film makers, and friends about how to make movies and television. Rex Sikes' Movie Beat is a Master Class in film & Tv making. Listen in as film & TV personalities discu...
Criterion Cast: On the Screen Artwork
Criterion Cast: On the Screen
Each week the CriterionCast team gets together to chat about what they've been watching.
Snubbed Artwork
Join Robert and John as they watch every Academy Award Best Picture nominee for a given year, and discuss whether the nominations were warranted.
Did We Need That Sequel? Artwork
Did We Need That Sequel?
Join Dan and Danielle as they make fun of Disney sequels in a snarky fashion with lots of special guests. This podcast is no longer in production. Find Danielle and Dan on social media... Dan @BeerBatteredBoy on Twitter Danie...
GenreTainment Artwork
GenreTainment is where Marx & Julie give you interviews with writers, directors, producers and actors in both independent and not-so-independent creations.
Pizza Rainbow Artwork
Pizza Rainbow
Pizza Rainbow! is about real teens, talking about real teens issues! *hugs* (Editor's Note: "Real teens" refers to two awesome chicks in their 30s named Amber and Jen, and "real teen issues" refers to current pop culture obs...
Making Good Choices with Amber L. Carter Artwork
Making Good Choices with Amber L. Carter
Whether you're talking about good choices or bad decisions, it all comes back to the same place: Great stories. Join your host, Amber L. Carter, as she sits down with a new guest every week to talk about the super smart choic...
It's Kind Of A Funny Podcast Artwork
It's Kind Of A Funny Podcast
This is a podcast that every once in awhile I will let you know what I am up to and what movies I have been watching.
Left Field Shout Artwork
Left Field Shout
Widescreen film talk for the pan-and-scan generation. Presented by Joe Greenwood.
Buzzedwords Artwork
Buzzedwords is a live discussion and game show featuring two interesting people and a bottle of whiskey, hosted by Jeff Kamin. The guests discuss their areas of expertise with the host at the start of each half of the show. T...
Fanboy Film Talk Artwork
Fanboy Film Talk
Podcast for Start-up Independent filmmakers and film fans. We talk over what it takes to be able to make your own movie with the resources you have, get ourselves motivated and off your butt and making your movie!