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Slasher Sluts Artwork
Slasher Sluts
Slasher Sluts is a source for all things horror with a little sexual adventures thrown in the mix. Join the boys Anthony and Rob each week as they review horror movies of all kinds.
Off the Rack - Comic Books Artwork
Off the Rack - Comic Books
Listen to Tiff and Sal from ComicPop talk all about your favorite comic books, movies, and TV shows!
Movies in Black & White Artwork
Movies in Black & White
Two guys that love to talk about movies all day, that would love to share their opinions and thoughts on all things movies, including reviews, weekly news recaps and interviews with the people behind these wonderful creations...
These Guys Won't Stop Talking Artwork
These Guys Won't Stop Talking
3 guys watch movies and point out the ridiculous shit.
Happiest Fight On Earth Artwork
Happiest Fight On Earth
Big and Lil Murph take on the challenge of determining the best films from the Disney and Pixar animation companies in order to decide which is best.
HeadphonesNeil Reviews Artwork
HeadphonesNeil Reviews
HeadphonesNeil Reviews is a one-mic podcast where I review movies, TV shows, and the occasional Android apps and games. I usually stream media from Amazon Prime Video or Netflix (aside from movies and TV shows that I already...
The VHS Files Artwork
The VHS Files
Remember when Friday nights started with a trip to the video store? The VHS Files Podcast takes you back to those weekends when you watched movies and made memories. For movie lovers new and old, we talk classics to new relea...
Reviews And Otherwise Artwork
Reviews And Otherwise
Reviews of present and past films/TV blended with occasional commentary.
The Rancid Taco Movie Review Podcast Artwork
The Rancid Taco Movie Review Podcast
Two dudes talking classic and current films. When Rotten Tomatoes aren’t enough, you need Rancid Tacos! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rancidtacos/support
All-American Spookshow Horror Podcast Artwork
All-American Spookshow Horror Podcast
Horror/Cult Movie & TV Podcast!
Cue The Movie Artwork
Cue The Movie
Listen to a group of best friends share their thoughts about movies and other things.
Were You Not Entertained? Movie Reviews Artwork
Were You Not Entertained? Movie Reviews
Welcome to 'Were You Not Entertained?'. We do movie reviews and TV reviews with only a single rating: were we entertained or weren't we. Join us every week to hear our latest movie and TV musings.
What Do You Wanna Watch? Artwork
What Do You Wanna Watch?
Join Ashley Hobley and the crew every fortnight to discuss all the current news in TV, film and online media and be part of the discussion in ‘What’d We End Up Watching?’
The Kid Stays in the Podcast Artwork
The Kid Stays in the Podcast
A cross-generational discussion of movies starring Trey Cooper and Solomon Cooper.
Dr. Quacker's Movie Reviews Artwork
Dr. Quacker's Movie Reviews
I am the notorious evil Dr. Quackers and I plan to take over the world by having people listen to my podcast. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tj-robinson8/support
Screens of the Stone Age Artwork
Screens of the Stone Age
The podcast where scientists review movies about prehistoric people.
Spit & Polish Presents Artwork
Spit & Polish Presents
Spit & Polish Presents is a podcast in which we (Ryan Sliwinski & Bartek Kasprzyszak) analyse and discuss the art of film. As two Polish gentlemen, we have combined our minds, hearts, and souls to be able to talk about the fi...
Green & Faceless: on the Couch Artwork
Green & Faceless: on the Couch
The Green Traveler and the Faceless Leone review movies and series.
Hallmark of Greatness Artwork
Hallmark of Greatness
A comedy podcast about the greatest stories of our age, Hallmark and made for TV movies.
The Super Podcast Presented By The Super Network Artwork
The Super Podcast Presented By The Super Network
The Super Podcast has been on the online air waves since 2009, with spin off shows and weekly shows. Tune in!
Galactic Reviews Artwork
Galactic Reviews
3 college students who like to talk about all different kinds of movies and have a great time creating. Each week a group of college friends sits down to talk about a movie chosen by a different member.
Want To Watch A Scary Movie? Artwork
Want To Watch A Scary Movie?
Hey, want to watch a scary movie?
Please Watch This Artwork
Please Watch This
Each week two film loving mates with gaps in their viewing history recommend films to each other. So they can once and for all answer the question: who has better taste?
Hollywood Already Did It Artwork
Hollywood Already Did It
Join Blake Schultz and Terrence Tatum as they discuss sequels, reboots, remakes and how they compare to their original subject matter.
Spoiler Country Artwork
Spoiler Country
UNITED Armies of the Spoiler-verse WELCOME BACK To Spoiler Country and listen in to Kenric, John and our man on the streets Casey talk comics, movies, and more. Join the fun as creators of all levels call into the show and gi...