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SRINI ATM ( Any Time Maths) Artwork
SRINI ATM ( Any Time Maths)
This is for the explanation of various mathematical concepts
Mathematical Poem Artwork
Mathematical Poem
Podcast about Deep Low poem in mathematics.
Podcaster Armie Artwork
Podcaster Armie
Mathematics 4 Lesson 64
What is fraction Artwork
What is fraction
A fraction (from Latin fractus, "broken") represents a part of a whole or, more generally, any number of equal parts. When spoken in everyday English, a fraction describes how many parts of a certain size there are, for examp...
Proportional Relationships Artwork
Proportional Relationships
This podcast reviews the properties of a proportional relationship. We will review how to determine if a relationship is proportional from a given graph, table, or equation.
How 2 rob a bank Artwork
How 2 rob a bank
A podcast discussing topics which lie on the intersections of maths, data, human behaviour, and philosophy. Hosted by Bia and Zoey.
Pooja Mendiratta Artwork
Pooja Mendiratta
Essence of life- Numbers
K Black Songs Artwork
K Black Songs
Mothers are priceless
Go Away Artwork
Go Away
I don't like this feeling
Stop Anamythics Podcast Artwork
Stop Anamythics Podcast
We have more data, more analytics, and more division than ever because analytic myths and misperceptions are plaguing our world (aka. Anamythics). Let's work together to Stop Anamythics!
Yarit Artwork
Looking at what matters
Connect Artwork
Bring 1 and 2 together
מתמטיקה שמתמטיקה Artwork
מתמטיקה שמתמטיקה
פודקאסט על מתמטיקה ללא מתמטיקאים וללא מתמטיקאיות
DataCafé Artwork
Welcome to the DataCafé: a special-interest Data Science podcast with Dr Jason Byrne and Dr Jeremy Bradley, interviewing leading data science researchers and domain experts in all things business, stats, maths, science and te...
Three dimensional Figures Artwork
Three dimensional Figures
Basic characteristics of solids.
Data Handling Artwork
Data Handling
Data handling plays an important role within mathematics education since it encompasses real-world situations and assists in developing critical thinking skills in learners
Infinitely Irrational: A Math Podcast Artwork
Infinitely Irrational: A Math Podcast
Infinitely Irrational: where we explore the real, eccentric, and complex history of math.
FDP Audio Artwork
FDP Audio
Abstract Algebra
Mathematics Artwork
Decided to break down mathematics in a simple way
Coolbreeze Artwork
Radical Mathematicians Artwork
Radical Mathematicians
Doug & Sydney gossip about dead mathematicians
Theoretically Speaking Artwork
Theoretically Speaking
Here, we look at the stories behind some of the biggest ideas throughout the history of mathematics.
Calc Days Artwork
Calc Days
Navigating through second semester senior year which means nothing to me now but everything to adults.
Rhapsody Science Artwork
Rhapsody Science
A podcast that discusses in-depth about science and epistemology, the art of knowledge-making. This podcast will not shy away from complex concepts or try to over-simplify those concepts so that they might become distorted. B...
Math Artwork
Welcome to the chaos of math class