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80's Music Rewind Artwork
80's Music Rewind
Join us, Ruth and Lori, as we discuss 80's music and culture as only two friends who have been friends growing up in the in the 80's can. We talk about their favorite songs, stories about these songs and throw in some random...
The Music Plug Artwork
The Music Plug
Tune in with music connoisseur LuLu Kuku as she plugs you with the latest in music.
Death By Music Podcast Artwork
Death By Music Podcast
This show is for the morbidly curious music fan - it's a combination of true crime and music history. Death By Music Podcast covers death in the music industry, from overdoses to plane crashes to cold-blooded murder. Go to ww...
The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers Artwork
The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers
The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers counts down Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time with comedians, actors, and musicians.
The Beethoven Files Podcast Artwork
The Beethoven Files Podcast
Ever wanted to take a closer look at the music of Beethoven? The Beethoven Files might make that a little easier.
50 Years of Music w/ 50 Year Old White Guys Artwork
50 Years of Music w/ 50 Year Old White Guys
Travel back in time, year by year, with three 50 year olds to find out what was happening back in the day and which song is actually the best song for each year they've been alive.
Flickers Artwork
Flickers is a podcast exploring the work and lives of musicians who incorporate spirituality in their music. Each episode focuses on spiritual themes that appear in the musician's discography. Season 2 examines the themes of...
Two Track Audio: A Music Podcast With Nick Martin and Charles Iner Artwork
Two Track Audio: A Music Podcast With Nick Martin and Charles Iner
Want to learn more about the artists and the songs that helped formed popular music since the 1960s? This is the podcast for you. Shop: https://www.bonfire.com/two-track-audio/
Music Halls of Fame Podcast Artwork
Music Halls of Fame Podcast
Each week on the Music Halls of Fame podcast, we'll discuss an inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with examining whether a given artist of the week deserves to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. P...
Each show, Eric will introduce you to old music that might be new to you. Take a journey through the do-wop of the 50's, rock of the 60's, swing of the 40's and soul from the 70's using a theme every episode to tie it togeth...
The High Gain Artwork
The High Gain
Hosts Ed Peterson and John Kieltyka tell barely credible stories about guitars, randomly describing the people, places and events surrounding the birth of each instrument.
NOISEXTRA - The noise podcast. Artwork
NOISEXTRA - The noise podcast.
Noisextra is a weekly deep dive into the world of noise in all of its forms and features album spotlights and in depth conversations with those residing in the noise world. Hosted by Greh Holger, Tara Connelly and Mike Connel...
The Great Song Podcast Artwork
The Great Song Podcast
Celebrating the greatest songs in modern music history with love and excitement, and interviewing some of the writers and artists behind them.
Mix-up Music Review Artwork
Mix-up Music Review
We take a year in music. Give you the Billboard top 10 and then we give you OUR top 10 list for that year. Based on actual music longevity and impact, we take a look at all the songs in the top 100 list and decide what we fee...
Bob Barry's Unearthed Interviews Artwork
Bob Barry's Unearthed Interviews
The music of the 60s and 70s was groundbreaking and it set the stage for the decades of amazing music that followed it. Milwaukee radio legend and Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Barry spoke with countless musicians and celebrit...
Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories Artwork
Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories
Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories exists to discuss (and maybe set straight) the rumor, innuendo and hidden details that surround some of your favorite bands and songs.
Shut The Funk Up Podcast Artwork
Shut The Funk Up Podcast
Nothing is off limits with the gruesome twosome. WellFed Boy and J Litt talk shop and sprinkle in music knowledge at the same time. The menu may change from each episode but the recipe will always stay the same…conversations...
The Composer Chronicles Artwork
The Composer Chronicles
Stephen Trygar recounts the stories of composers past and present through the music they write. Historical episodes focus on a particular work by the featured composer and examines their life during the time the piece was wri...
Ongoing History of New Music Artwork
Ongoing History of New Music
Ongoing History of New Music looks at things from the alt-rock universe to hip hop, from artist profiles to various thematic explorations. It is Canada’s most well known music documentary hosted by the legendary Alan Cross....
Late Night Audio Podcast Artwork
Late Night Audio Podcast
This is home to all things electronic music. Join us, we're happy to have you.
My Kind of Scene Artwork
My Kind of Scene
My Kind of Scene uncovers the past and present of Australian music. From titans to hidden gems, this podcast discovers the songs and artists that make up the fabric of the Aussie music scene, and explores what makes them succ...
This show spotlights Bop, Hard Bop and Bebop Jazz. Host has 55 years of knowledge in the Jazz arena, and has extensive knowledge of most of the Jazz Clubs that were in Southern California in the early sixties. At the age of n...
One Hit History Artwork
One Hit History
One Hit History asks music people, "What's your favorite one hit wonder song?"
Kerrang! Back Issues Artwork
Kerrang! Back Issues
A retrospective podcast extracting the funniest & best bits from Kerrang! magazine. Starting with Jan 1994. Out every Wednesday.
Ruck 'n Roll Artwork
Ruck 'n Roll
What do you get when World of Sport meets Countdown. You get Ruck 'n Roll. Uncanny X men's Brian Mannix, DJ Kevin Hillier and footy journo Mark Fine are an unusual mix. But the three of them have one thing in common - their l...