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Together, We Shall

A Non-Profit podcast by Ainsley's Angels

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The Together, We Shall Podcast is hosted by Kim ‘Rooster’ Rossiter, President and Co-Founder of Ainsley’s Angels of America, and Joe Orth, Executive Vice President of Ainsley’s Angels. This inclusive podcast takes you into a world of tangents and thoroughfares, focusing on a conversation to be determined. Highlighting current events, insightful antidotes and life lessons with banter, sit back and listen to a little bit of humor and a few emotional deep dives during each episode. Let’s roll!If you would like to join us on the podcast, place to share/tell stories and connect, or nominate someone to join us on the podcast, email us at Podcast@AinsleysAngels.org If you have any questions, ideas, or comments, email us or use the comment section of this episode!

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