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A TV & Film podcast by Crooked Media

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From Emmy-award winner Jason Concepcion and Crooked Media comes X-Ray Vision, a new weekly podcast that transcends pop culture and entertainment by taking listeners from Middle-earth to Waystar Royco, and everything in between. Hold on to your cape as we journey through the zeitgeist-iest (patent pending) of film, TV, and comics– guided by Jason’s one-of-a-kind analysis and expert guests. Test your fandom knowledge with panel discussions on the latest nerd news, casting, and show lore while staying tuned for deep dives into all of your favorite franchises. New episodes released weekly. Editors’ Notes: “There’s not a secret sauce to podcasting, there’s only ever two ingredients: information and entertainment value,” Jason Concepcion tells Apple Podcasts. “Every episode is an attempt to combine those two things in a way that feels true and engages the audience.” In each weekly episode of Crooked Media’s X-Ray Vision, Concepcion and co-hosts Rosie Knight and Cody Ziglar share insightful analysis of the shows, movies, and comic book properties that are dominating the pop culture conversation—whether it's the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe, DC Comics fandom, or the latest episode of Succession. Concepcion got his first taste of podcasting when he worked as a Senior Creative for the sports and pop culture website The Ringer. In addition to covering the NBA, he and Mallory Rubin collaborated on Binge Mode, in which they went beyond the surface coverage of phenomena like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to get deep into the detail and backstory of the original texts. “It was an incredible experience just from a learning standpoint, but also was incredibly fun and gratifying,” he says. “It tapped into just things that I'm passionate about and that I cared about.” While he believes X-Ray Vision is also research-heavy, Concepcion wants to make the show more conversational and doesn't want listeners to feel like they were listening to a Wikipedia article. “We always go into covering something with the idea of respecting the material—which helps in the fact that we’re sincerely passionate about the stuff we like,” he says. “I think one of the most important things, granular knowledge of a topic aside, is making that knowledge accessible.” Jason is also the host of Takeline, a fast-paced exploration of the NBA, world of sports, and pop culture.