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Healthy Housecalls With Angel

A Alternative Health podcast by Seva Health Media

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The world of healthcare is challenging. We’re all looking for more practical tips, tools and strategies to not only live longer but live better. Lifestyle medicine puts you in control by focusing on prevention and the root causes of disease to help you change your life, not just your symptoms. Angel V. Shannon, lifestyle medicine expert and founder of Seva Health and The Seva Institute empowers you with insider tips on functional nutrition, healthy brain aging, hormone balancing and the food-mood connection to help you get more out of your healthcare than just the average annual physical. As a board certified nurse practitioner, meditation instructor and life-long student of mind-body medicine, Angel sees the bigger picture, teaching her patients and private coaching clients how to use the tool of mindfulness to reduce stress, change their relationship with food, eliminate self-sabotaging thought patterns and establish a strong foundation of healthy habits for lifetime personal improvement. Angel will inspire you with the ‘clinical pearls’ gained from over two decades of patient centered, clinical practice. One part science and one part storytelling, Healthy Housecalls With Angel is a journey into the courageous stories of the many coaching clients she’s helped to trust their innate wisdom to successfully lose weight, reverse chronic health conditions, get hormones in balance and connect the dots between food and mood to improve their mental health and ultimately transform their lives --- all by simply adopting a holistic, lifestyle focused approach. This podcast will help you make sense of the world of healthcare, push past emotional roadblocks and give you actionable steps to achieve real health and the joy, purpose and vitality you want in your life. Tune in and get Fit & Functional For Life® !

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