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Nana Can You Tell Me A Story?

A Stories for Kids podcast by nanacanyoutellmeastory

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India is a country with a rich history of diverse people, culture and language that is over a thousand years old. In traditional Indian joint families, it is tradition to feed kids earlier in the evening, then send them to their grandparents (Nana, Nani, Dada, Dadi) to hear stories while their mothers cooked food for the family. I am a grandfather and have two grandchildren. We live within a 20 minute driving distance of our grandchildren and this gives us an opportunity to see them frequently. Whenever we eat together, my granddaughter asks me to tell her a story. She loves to hear the life stories of Ram, Krishna or even stories about me. This gave me the inspiration to start a podcast to tell stories about India, it’s history, culture and religion. I thought there would be no better time to start it than during Navratri. I plan to tell stories that will be amusing, recreational and also help the listener learn about India. My granddaughter Adhya will join me in the podcast and ask questions while listening to the stories. I hope other children will enjoy these stories as my granddaughter does.

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