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Chasing Legends Outdoors Podcast

A Wilderness podcast by Steven

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I believe if you rewind mankind to the beginning and let us do our existence all over again, many of things we do today for work and hobbies wouldn't stick again. Three things would though; there is a primal instinct inside of every single one of us as humans to Explore, to Hunt, and to Eat. As the hunting industry has grown, we have gotten away from the basic reasons why we hunt. Hunting shows don't seem to show the true story of the hunt anymore. It's not about the score or size of the animal, its about the process; the process of exploring the land, hunting the animal, and eating the animal you harvest. This is the way the legends of the industry did it before our time; legends such as Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Teddy Roosevelt, Jim Bridger, Aldo Leopold, and the great Fred Bear. We're Going back to the roots of Hunting, and why we hunt. Chasing the way the Legends did it before us.We Explore.We Hunt. We Eat.

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