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Hidden Truths In Retirement & 401k Investing

A Investing podcast by Joe Cantu

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Discover hidden truths in retirement planning money management and for those not yet retired learn about best historical adjustments in the pursuit of higher 401k performance. This show is hosted by Joe Cantu, a West Point graduate with the history of the"Honor Code" at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. He is Chief Investment Officer of Cantu Tactical Wealth Management, with over 30 years of retirement money management experience working for 3 of the largest Wall Street Firms as a stock broker and portfolio investment manager. Joe gives you a stark unblemished truth of professional money management strategies used in making money in up and down stock markets. He has witnessed 3 major market corrections and reveals how to design and manage an IRA and defined benefit retirement plans for both directions of the stock market. He shares the secrets of High Net Worth money management in mitigating losses and disclosing the investments which typically go up when the stock market is falling. If you have a 401k he explains the techniques which may lead to better performance by making key adjustments in different economic environments. If you are a 401k trustee he presents performance ideas which may lead to happier employees in these plans. Learn how to truly manage your money with the lifetime goal to live off the earnings without touching the principal and ultimately passing the money to your heirs. Also, he will include and educational series called "Cantu's Wall Street Definitions" covering the basics of what is a stock to complicated subjects such as derivatives the Good, Bad and the Ugly of "Hedge funds" and Tax Deferred Indexed Annuities". Joe is a fiduciary and registered investment advisor in the states of California, Florida, Georgia and Texas providing pure independent advice. Finally, an interesting answer he gave when asked about the knowledge a person would gain from listening to his Podcast on retirement money management. He said. "Listening to my Podcast is much like Adam & Eve wanting the power and eating from the 'Tree of Knowledge' of good and evil. You want knowledge? Well then, I will give you knowledge, but you may not like what you see! Plus you will learn the truth about retirement money management once your eyes are opened. Knowledge is power!" . . . Joe Cantu