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LCJ Q&A Podcast Artwork
LCJ Q&A Podcast
Film Critic/Entertainment Reporter Lights Camera Jackson interviews the biggest live-action and animation content creators and performers from movies, TV and streaming.
Adventures in Queer Filmmaking Artwork
Adventures in Queer Filmmaking
A podcast about the trials and tribulatians around making independent LGBTQ+ films.
Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast Artwork
Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast
The Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast is a monthly (and often more) podcast devoted to the Alien, Predator, Alien vs. Predator and Prometheus franchises. Our episodes include interviews with people involved in the franchises,...
Cool Hand Crypto Artwork
Cool Hand Crypto
Welcome to Cool Hand Crypto. A video-podcast with your host, the Count of Monte Crypto, filmmaker Matt Silverman. The world is changing, and along with it the way we watch, create, enjoy, and distribute art, entertainment and...
Streamed & Screened Artwork
Streamed & Screened
Streamed & Screened is a podcast about movies and TV hosted by Bruce Miller, an entertainment reporter for multiple decades who is now the editor of the Sioux City Journal, Jared McNett, a reporter for the Sioux City Journal,...
Galway Film Podcast Artwork
Galway Film Podcast
International Film Festival in the West of Ireland
Screenwriters Need To Hear This with Michael Jamin Artwork
Screenwriters Need To Hear This with Michael Jamin
Michael Jamin has been a professional television writer/showrunner since 1996. This podcast is meant to help aspiring writers learn the craft of storytelling from a working screenwriter.
Real Conversations with Jacob Young Artwork
Real Conversations with Jacob Young
Emmy Winning actor Jacob Young talks real life, current events, pop culture and tackles serious issues like mental health, relationships and more with celebrity guests, friends and experts.
The VFX Artists Podcast Artwork
The VFX Artists Podcast
The VFX Artists Podcast, hosted by Kofi Opoku-Ansah and Daniel Mark Miller is the spot for artists to share, learn and discover other artists in the VFX industry. We aim to bring artists from different levels and departments...
The AFC Indie Filmmaking Podcast Artwork
The AFC Indie Filmmaking Podcast
From the current center of the filmmaking universe, Atlanta, Georgia, producer and screenwriter Chuck Thomas interviews film industry professionals, screenwriters, directors, actors, producers and more. Learn how to make your...
Short Hand: A guide to making a short film Artwork
Short Hand: A guide to making a short film
A new podcast from BFI NETWORK and Film Hub South East that will guide you through the process of making a short film, from development to post-production.
Filibuster Artwork
Each week Filibuster looks at the latest in film, pop culture, the festival circuit, and entertainment news. We also interview the talent involved in creating movies, literature, and television made all around the world.
How'd You Do It? Artwork
How'd You Do It?
They’re back! Nocking Point co-founders, Stephen Amell and Andrew Harding are collaborating again for their podcast “Dudes Being Dudes”. Stephen is most well known as the superhero lead on CW’s “Arrow” and can currently be se...
Hi Jinkx! with Jinkx Monsoon Artwork
Hi Jinkx! with Jinkx Monsoon
Drag darling and winner of RuPaul's Drag Race JINKX MONSOON brings her unique brand of talk to the podcast airwaves through thoughtful, hilarious, and even probing conversations with your favorite celebrities, comedians, and...
Household Faces with John Ross Bowie Artwork
Household Faces with John Ross Bowie
John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory, Speechless) takes you inside the minds of Hollywood’s most recognizable character actors for in-depth interviews about their iconic roles, the ones that got away, and the secrets of show...
Inside the Oscars Artwork
Inside the Oscars
Veteran entertainment journalist Kelley Carter goes one-on-one with the biggest names in Hollywood as they open up about their journey to stardom, their creative process and the defining moments in their lives and careers. Ke...
CM Director Japan Artwork
CM Director Japan
The CM Director Japan Podcast is centered around the discipline of commercial directing and life off set in Japan
JV Club Artwork
JV Club
Interviews with those involved in today's "best of" TV and film scene.
Movies Inc: The Business of Film Artwork
Movies Inc: The Business of Film
Movies, Inc: The Business of Film is a podcast that dives deep into the intersection of the key elements that make up modern filmmaking - the business and the creative. Each episode, we are joined by awesome guests - producer...
Designing Hollywood Podcast Artwork
Designing Hollywood Podcast
Designing Hollywood Podcast is dedicated to "All Things Movies' and all film industry professionals! Created & Founded By Designing Hollywood LLC High profile host's and guest's from costume designers, directors, prod...
You Are Here Podcast Artwork
You Are Here Podcast
Hosts Michael Nowicki and David Volino, and sometimes other guests, discuss a range of topics that revolve around the world of film making and acting, while connecting certain aspects of production or a role to what we feel i...
Restaurant Fiction Artwork
Restaurant Fiction
Restaurant Fiction reviews the fictional restaurants, fictional bars, and fictional clubs featured in TV & Film and talks to the writers, directors, producers, executives and other talent who had a major hand in them.
Chucky Talks Artwork
Chucky Talks
Alex Vincent and Christine Elise discuss the legacy of Chucky with special guests, as well as episodic breakdowns of Season 1 of Chucky
Matt's Movie Reviews Podcast Artwork
Matt's Movie Reviews Podcast
The Matt's Movie Reviews Podcast hosted by Matthew Pejkovic. Featuring interviews with filmmakers, actors and entertainment media from around the world.
The Jose Show Artwork
The Jose Show
I will talk about many topics: life, movies, tv, some news, and other areas of interest.