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Women Birders (Happy Hour) Artwork
Women Birders (Happy Hour)
Have you ever wished you had birding friends you could happy hour with? Hannah does... In each episode, expect an interesting interview with an artist, or a professional, or maybe a naturalist - all of which are women who l...
A Little Greener Artwork
A Little Greener
This weekly podcast features conversations on topics ranging from backyard birding to global conservation projects, and everything in between.
Completely Arbortrary Artwork
Completely Arbortrary
Tree zealot Casey Clapp and tree agnostic Alex Crowson review and rate your favorite arboreal friends. A semi-educational, basically pleasant, and fully unnecessary romp through the annals of treedom. Support this podcast: ht...
Always Be Birdin' Artwork
Always Be Birdin'
Birds are extremely awesome. But birding can be intimidating and difficult. Always Be Birdin' aims to change the narrative of birding. How we bird, where we bird and who is birding. Join me as I go out into the field with BIP...
The Whole Tooth Artwork
The Whole Tooth
Ever wondered how a shark takes a nap? If those man-eating rumours are true? Or, how to make a living exploring the big blue? Then look no further…every episode, we pitch one of YOUR burning questions to leading experts in ma...
Specimens Artwork
Love science and conservation? Want to discover new ways to protect our species? Elle Kaye chats with guests who work within the science genre, but whose job titles may need a little unpacking. Strap in for entomology, taxide...
Marine Conservation Happy Hour Artwork
Marine Conservation Happy Hour
The Marine Conservation Happy Hour is a podcast that looks at the many different sides of Marine Science and Conservation in an informal setting - a during a pub Happy Hour, chatting casually over a few (or more) drinks. The...
Dianne Saxe's Green Economy Heroes Podcast Artwork
Dianne Saxe's Green Economy Heroes Podcast
Each Green Economy Hero podcast features someone you’ll enjoy getting to know. Leading environmental lawyer, Dianne Saxe, will explore who they are, what their business are doing, and how it is making a difference in facing o...
On Jimmy's Farm Artwork
On Jimmy's Farm
Join celebrity farmer, ecologist and conservationist, Jimmy Doherty, on his farm as he talks to eco-experts and well-known faces about trying to live a greener life.From bug burgers and sustainable football clubs, to viagra h...
Wild About Animals Artwork
Wild About Animals
Hi and thank you for tuning in. We here at Wild about animals are here to educate and learn about all of our favorite critters all around us. So are you ready to get a little wild?
Tigress on tuk-tuk Artwork
Tigress on tuk-tuk
This is a show for the Indian urbanite. The fierce and fantastic Tigress whisks you off on her tuk-tuk, hot on the trail of stories from Nature. We city slickers often tend to ignore or forget about the natural world; it coul...
SageTalking Artwork
Let's talk about nature, people, health, sustainable businesses and everything in between. You won't miss out on the occasional politics and interviews with ecopreneurs either. PS: I want to know what YOU want to know! Send...
In This Climate Artwork
In This Climate
We’re a podcast from Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute and The Media School. We’re here to bring you the scientists working toward solutions, the legislation to watch and the ways you can remain resilien...
Eric Likes Animals Artwork
Eric Likes Animals
Animal enthusiast Eric Mahan has worked with a wide range of amazing animals over the years and loves talking about them, as well as others he hasn't.
Weekly Bird Report Artwork
Weekly Bird Report
The Weekly Bird Report with Mark Faherty can be heard every Wednesday on WCAI, the local NPR station for Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the South Coast. Mark has been the Science Coordinator at Mass Audubon’s Wel...
Parts Per Billion Artwork
Parts Per Billion
Parts Per Billion is Bloomberg Law's environmental policy podcast. We cover everything from air pollution, to toxic chemicals, to corporate sustainability, and climate change. The reporters from our environment desk offer an...
Parts Per Billion Artwork
Parts Per Billion
Parts Per Billion is Bloomberg Law's environmental policy podcast. We cover everything from air pollution, to toxic chemicals, to corporate sustainability, and climate change. The reporters from our environment desk offer an...
Environmental Echo with PWGC's Paul K. Boyce Artwork
Environmental Echo with PWGC's Paul K. Boyce
Environmental Echo amplifies discussions on environmental work that’s changing the way we live, and the people who are making it happen.  Hosted by Paul K. Boyce, PE, PG; CEO/President of P.W. Grosser Consulting, podcast e...
Best Beast Artwork
Best Beast
Have you ever wondered which animal is the best architect? Who has the best tongue? Worst mating rituals? How about the least deserved positive reputation? Best Beast asks these important questions and more as we celebrate a...
Cornwall Birdwatching Tours Artwork
Cornwall Birdwatching Tours
Join us watching birds as we visit some of the reserves and areas featured on our tours and excursions in the South West of England
Mongabay Newscast Artwork
Mongabay Newscast
News and inspiration from nature’s frontline, featuring inspiring guests and deeper analysis of the global environmental issues explored every day by the Mongabay.com team, from climate change to biodiversity, tropical ecolog...
Earth to Humans! Artwork
Earth to Humans!
Earth to Humans is a bi-weekly interview series featuring conversations with some of the amazing humans who are fighting for a brighter and more just future for all of Earth's inhabitants. Join private conversations with top...
Something in the Air Artwork
Something in the Air
More than the forecast (and a NJ Press Association Award winner two years in a row). Meteorologist Joe Martucci at The Press of Atlantic City recaps the month of weather that was with New Jersey State Climatologist Dave Robin...
Conservation Queens Artwork
Conservation Queens
We are a podcast about animals for animals. Created by 5 women who love the earth and all the animals who call it home! Join us in our conservation conversations!
Deer Humans, Artwork
Deer Humans,
Every summer, herds of wealthy vacationers flock to a group of seaside towns on the East End of Long Island, New York, collectively known as The Hamptons. Although it's known for its sprawling beaches, star-studded events, an...