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The Autistic Pre-Vet Student Artwork
The Autistic Pre-Vet Student
A podcast documenting my adventures on my way (hopefully) to a career in veterinary medicine! I am currently finishing up a BSc in Biology, and actively gaining as much vet med related experience as I possibly can. I am autis...
Algae Analyzed Artwork
Algae Analyzed
Algae are some of the most ancient organisms on the planet. They play an important role in the healthy functioning of major environmental systems such as the atmosphere and hydrosphere. Algae also offer a plethora or opportun...
Off Label Veterinary News Artwork
Off Label Veterinary News
Podcast dedicated to breaking news, practice and personal life tips, and covering the most controversial and provocative pet, animal and veterinary topics.
EXPAND Artwork
A podcast that summarizes each talk from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's student-run EXPAND (EXploring Psychology And Neuroscience Discoveries) speaker series. Guest speakers include prominent psychology and...
Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa Artwork
Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa
BirdLife South Africa believes conservation starts with conversation. Tune in here for weekly episodes highlighting the diverse and interesting conservation projects which BirdLife South Africa and their partners are involved...
Chemistry 222 Quantitative Analysis Lecture UIUC/VNUS-H Artwork
Chemistry 222 Quantitative Analysis Lecture UIUC/VNUS-H
fundamentals of quantitative analysis, chemical equilibrium and kinetics
Sunday Night Spookies Artwork
Sunday Night Spookies
Welcome to Sunday Night Spookies, a podcast dedicated to exploring the mysterious and spooky unknown with Lex and Sara! Join us as we uncover a variety of topics related to the paranormal, cryptozoology, psychic abilities, sp...
Grand Master Level Podcast Artwork
Grand Master Level Podcast
We talk about all different topics and have guests from all over the world
Oh Yea! TOBAKO Psycho Artwork
Oh Yea! TOBAKO Psycho
Oh Yea! TOBAKO Psycho is a channel for discussing neuroscience, the history of popular science, agricultural knowledge and scientific ideas. We hope that we can use simple language to spread and share the mysteries of the hum...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution Video Artwork
Methods in Ecology and Evolution Video
Methods in Ecology and Evolution's video podcast aims to expand the awareness, accessibility and uptake of new metholodologies in ecology and evolution
Chemistry 442: Physical Chemistry I Artwork
Chemistry 442: Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 442 focuses on quantum chemistry atomic and molecular structure spectroscopy and dynamics.