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Overnight Experts Artwork
Overnight Experts
We talk about something we became an expert on overnight
In Conversation: Engineering and Geoscience in BC Artwork
In Conversation: Engineering and Geoscience in BC
In Conversation: Engineers and Geoscientists in BC features a dynamic discussion between Bob McDonald, host of CBC Radio’s award-winning Quirks & Quarks and two recipients of the 2020 Engineers and Geoscientists BC President’...
Spybeam- The Science of Imagination Artwork
Spybeam- The Science of Imagination
Spybeam informs and entertains science fiction and fantasy fans by examining the science behind the fiction. Unlike other shows, Spybeam actually explores plausible, science-based methods of achieving the technology or phenom...
Charlie and Pooran talk Sustainability Artwork
Charlie and Pooran talk Sustainability
Charlie and Pooran talk sustainability is a conversation touching on a wide range of topics relating to sustainability and the climate crisis, between someone who has spent thirty years exploring sustainable living (Pooran),...
Foundry from Home Artwork
Foundry from Home
A podcast highlighting new developments in remote, virtual, and physically distanced user access and training at Berkeley Lab's Molecular Foundry during the COVID pandemic
Bring Your Own Brain Artwork
Bring Your Own Brain
Bring Your Own Brain is a podcast all about science for the everyday person. You bring your brain, and we bring the facts. Join us for a podcast all about stuff you've been wondering about. We break down the real science behi...
Cassie Sobelton Show Artwork
Cassie Sobelton Show
Cassie Sobelton is an author, speaker + wellness expert who teaches people how to crack their Mind, Body, Spirit code to transform their health.
Super Scientific Show Artwork
Super Scientific Show
Breaking news, hello everyone we are your journalists pudam, rida, sneha and vaishnavi. Welcome to the super scientific show. We will be covering so many topics and also we have a youtube channel and a instagram page, so make...
PodStuff Artwork
discussions of life about science.
MEDLIFE Carleton University Artwork
MEDLIFE Carleton University
Welcome to the MEDLIFE Carleton University Podcast! On this show, Carleton University chapter members will discuss global health issues and how youth can make an impact. Tune in every two weeks to hear about new concepts in h...
Conversations in Global Health Artwork
Conversations in Global Health
A gathering of global health researchers.
DUDAC and the Duchess Artwork
DUDAC and the Duchess
Join Dr Gary Mitchell for conversations from fighting deadly pandemics to brain surgery to supporting individual and community wellbeing.