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Music Nerds Unite Artwork
Music Nerds Unite
Scott Floman (author of the amazon ebook The Story Of Rock and Soul Music: Album Reviews and Lists),twin brother Keith Floman, and their buddy Larry Waldman have joined forces to talk about music. The format of this podcast...
Chords & Chorus' Artwork
Chords & Chorus'
New music podcast from South London’s very own Rebel Simpson & Andre Londonn
Lea Lee Artwork
Lea Lee
Join me on this thrilling journey as we explore the magical realms music, movies, and news, while also sparking the flames of positive change in society - so let's grab a seat, engage in enlightening conversations, and dive i...
Pi Records Artwork
Pi Records
Music sales promotions and label. Heavy on independent business and artists podc podc Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ryan3205/support
The Gray Havens Podcast Artwork
The Gray Havens Podcast
Welcome to The Gray Havens Podcast, where Dave and Licia Radford (lead members of the band "The Gray Havens") will share the story of how each of their new songs was written and recorded.
TERMINUS: extreme metal podcast Artwork
TERMINUS: extreme metal podcast
Real-time coverage of the underground, focused on the music.
Nathaniel's hour Artwork
Nathaniel's hour
Trev and Than Than are just so tired; so rest with us.
Pipebomb Radio NYC Artwork
Pipebomb Radio NYC
Pipebomb Radio is a project which was originally for sports talk radio. Now it has upgraded to music and talk show style. Each show will take calls to reflect on topics and request song to be played during the show.
Boys Don't Lie Podcast Artwork
Boys Don't Lie Podcast
Kansas Association of Broadcaster Auh'Shay Sanchez & Owen Berk team with family (Auh'Shay brother) Samari Sanchez to give you weekly/ bi-weekly podcast commentary on pop culture and many more topics! Tune in weekly. Sta...
Amber & Tanner On Demand Artwork
Amber & Tanner On Demand
Get the best of Sonoma County's #1 morning show, when you want it, with Amber and Tanner On Demand, from Froggy 92.9.
Sonic Stream Podcasts Artwork
Sonic Stream Podcasts
Previous DJ mix sets and podcasts from Sonic Stream, a firm supporter of Underground Music. Representing: Broken Beat, House Music, Soul Music, Electronica Music, Jungle, Liquid DnB, Afrobeat, Jazz and Eclectic Music; Always...
Everything Fab Four Artwork
Everything Fab Four
Everything Fab Four is a podcast from Wonderwall Communications and Salon focused on fun and intelligent stories about the enduring cultural influence of the Beatles. No other band, or popular entity for that matter, has ha...
Music Matters with Darrell Craig Harris Artwork
Music Matters with Darrell Craig Harris
Darrell Craig Harris has interviewed numerous household names in the music world, from global rock and pop superstars to jazz luminaries. Talking about all things music, with guests from many parts of the music world includin...
Rock Docs Artwork
Rock Docs
Rock Docs: A Podcast About Music Documentaries Episode Hosted by David Lizerbram & Andrew Keatts Twitter: @RockDocsPod Instagram: @RockDocsPod Cover Art by N.C. Winters - check him out on Instagram at @NCWinters...
Discord and Rhyme: An Album Podcast Artwork
Discord and Rhyme: An Album Podcast
A music podcast where we discuss our favorite albums, song by song.
Uriah Heep - The Magician's Podcast Artwork
Uriah Heep - The Magician's Podcast
I will review every Uriah Heep studio song and bonus track from ...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble to Living the Dream and the next and the next. Every episode is another song. Let's rock!
Hey! Remember the 80's? Artwork
Hey! Remember the 80's?
Join your hosts Joe Christopher and Kari Race as they discuss all the outrageous hits from the 80's! Which songs still hold up today, and which songs should be left in the 80's? We'll cover all the well-known hits from the de...
Rockin' the Suburbs Artwork
Rockin' the Suburbs
Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan have a new podcast! Come join two (not so) ordinary family guys in the basement (or on the deck) as they talk about their lifelong obsessions with music. Now ... 5 days a week!
The Profitable Musician Show Artwork
The Profitable Musician Show
Create a solid business as a musician by building an engaged fan base and tapping into multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date music marketing tactics to grow income streams in 4 essential areas: recording music & releas...
Miss Indepodcast Artwork
Miss Indepodcast
The first podcast dedicated to singer, songwriter, and television personality Kelly Clarkson!
CA Podcast Artwork
CA Podcast
An ambitious crew covering impactful weekly topics going on in culture, in their own way. Proven to be entertaining enough to cure sadness, no matter where you are listening from in the world... Make sure to follow our Podca...
Cover Me Artwork
Cover Me
We compare hit original songs to the many covers they inspired to find the best, worst, and weirdest versions of a song! Learn the history of famous songs, discover the meaning behind the lyrics, and find out what it takes to...
The Will Clarke Podcast Artwork
The Will Clarke Podcast
Will Clarke sits down with some of his closest friends in the world of arts to dive deep in to what they do.
The Mix Era Rap Podcast Artwork
The Mix Era Rap Podcast
This Podcast is an objective conversation about Hip Hop. We are a multi generational group of Hip Hop Enthusiast. This podcast is trying to bridge the gap between Hip Hop generations.
Mi Vecindad Artwork
Mi Vecindad