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Anime Junkies: Three Weebs and a Podcast Artwork
Anime Junkies: Three Weebs and a Podcast
Come get your fix of all that is anime and weeb culture. From anime news, games, debates, pop culture and so much more. New episodes published semi-monthly. Intro Produced by Origami Beats
PLUR with Abe Artwork
PLUR with Abe
Hey I'm Abe and I'm not perfect but we will talk about anything and everything we find interesting and give you my thoughts. Please join me in trying to be more PLUR everday! Also follow my IG@plurabraham
Kage lvl Artwork
Kage lvl
Anime, manga, debates, power scaling, pop culture, collectibles, positivity and humor 💫🔥
Inherited Will: A One Piece Podcast Artwork
Inherited Will: A One Piece Podcast
Welcome to Inherited Will, a weekly podcast discussing One Piece, Eichiro Oda's worldwide manga phenomenon. Each week, join Jordan and Thomas as they discuss the new manga chapter, big news, and a re-read of past chapters...
Nostalgia, Plus Ultra Podcast Artwork
Nostalgia, Plus Ultra Podcast
Welcome to the Nostalgia, Plus Ultra Podcast! Just two dudes nerding out over our favorite things: Anime, Video Games, TV, Music, and More!
RE:Casters Anime Podcast Artwork
RE:Casters Anime Podcast
RE:Casters is a weekly discussion podcast, where three friends discuss current ongoing seasonal anime.
Anime & Opposites Artwork
Anime & Opposites
Join two friends as they geek-out on anime and video games with the occasional topic segue and special guests.
Manga Mavericks Artwork
Manga Mavericks
Manga Mavericks is All-Comic.com's bi-weekly Manga centric podcasts from Colton and LumRanmaYasha! Also includes Manga Mavericks @ Movies!
Shiitake Podcast Artwork
Shiitake Podcast
Do you love anime? Got no one to talk to and discuss about it? You're in the right place. We review and discuss anime weekly sometimes we fight and debate over some nerdy stuff. Come and join us , subscribe and share it with...
Weird Science Manga & Anime Podcast Artwork
Weird Science Manga & Anime Podcast
Manga & Anime Podcast Talking about all the manga & anime you love! Comics & Comic Books are manga too! Some manga & anime we talk about are My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Ful...
The Real Anime Podcast Artwork
The Real Anime Podcast
A podcast dedicated to talking about all things anime. I break down my favorite anime as well as discuss seasonal anime if any catch my eye
Anime Uproar Audio (AnimeUproar) Artwork
Anime Uproar Audio (AnimeUproar)
Weebtastic Anime content from AnimeUproar in audio format.
The Anime Virgin Artwork
The Anime Virgin
Follow along as Gozen and Briggs go through various anime series along with at least one person who has never seen that series before (the Anime Virgin). We will feature different guest virgins depending on the series that we...
House of Clouds Artwork
House of Clouds
The House of Clouds Podcast covers anime, life, cartoons, video games, and just about everything in between! Everyone is family at this table so come take a seat and chat with us. Every chat starts with a “Welcome home” here!...
Vaguely Anime Artwork
Vaguely Anime
A variety podcast vaguely about anime, hosted by 5 friends in a basement. New episodes every Monday at 12pm!
That Time I Got Reincarnated in the Same World as an Anime Podcaster Artwork
That Time I Got Reincarnated in the Same World as an Anime Podcaster
"Not another anime podcast!" To bad, it is! Isekai Sensei-Sama is joined in the Weeb Cabal by Kermit D. Grog and Bento Baggins for discussions on anime we've watched, manga we've read, deep dives into the meta, and answers to...
IMNerd Podcast Artwork
IMNerd Podcast
Nerd Culture -- Videogames, Anime, Trading Card Games, Fantasy
Into the Shoujo-Verse Artwork
Into the Shoujo-Verse
Into the Shoujoverse! A podcast where 6 lovely women discuss all aspects of shoujo manga, from the inane and comical to intense social issues. We welcome you to join us on our journey of exploring the medium we are so passion...
Nerds Declassified Artwork
Nerds Declassified
Listen as Putney and AJ declassify the greatest aspects of nerd life... Anime and Gaming. Possibly, the two most addicting things ever created we've all said f**k sleep and binged an anime, or played "one more game" that last...
Bingers: Anime Edition Artwork
Bingers: Anime Edition
We only have one goal here, to binge as much anime as possible. Hosts Matty and Mo invite you to join this safe place to discuss their latest binge, newest news in the anime community, and as well as their crazy lives. One th...
Normal Nerds Artwork
Normal Nerds
Two very normal dudes talking about very nerdy stuff...and whatever else we feel like.
Volume One Artwork
Volume One
Volume One is a weekly anime and manga podcast where hosts Josh Michaels and Mehgan Perine review the first volume of a brand new manga each week!
Disney, Eh? Artwork
Disney, Eh?
Disney, Eh? is a travel podcast for Disney nerds from a Canadian perspective. Brandon and Krysta chat each week about travel and loving Disney, and they won't even say sorry about it. Movies, series, news, the parks, travel t...
Featured Anime Podcast Artwork
Featured Anime Podcast
Every week Jack and Rick watch an anime series then they get to get together and talk about it while giving their perspective on it. They watch everything from new just finished airing series to shows dating back as far they...
Three Dads Talking About Anime Artwork
Three Dads Talking About Anime
Welcome! Join us, three normal dads, as we sit around and talk about anime. We’ll go through new shows, classics, oldies but goodies, and some of our favorite shows, characters, and moments. Whether you stick around or just l...