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AP lang things Artwork
AP lang things
any and everything that i wanna talk about
Flourish and Thoughts Artwork
Flourish and Thoughts
The musings of a selectively pretentious Harry Potter fan on personal nostalgia and present-day events
Quillpoint Questions Artwork
Quillpoint Questions
Literary analysis conducted with characters that came off of the quill, pen, or latest version of LibreOffice - as most authors today don’t have enough to cough up for a MS Office sub.
Random reddit reading Artwork
Random reddit reading
Reading random Reddit stories
Evan Hansen public service announcement Artwork
Evan Hansen public service announcement
Fascism public service announcement
L. V. Gaudet, author of dark fiction Artwork
L. V. Gaudet, author of dark fiction
L. V. Gaudet, author of dark fiction In the darkness you sleep. In the darkness monsters lie.
Shinebolor's podcast Artwork
Shinebolor's podcast
Scary Stories Artwork
Scary Stories
This is a podcast where I read the best stories about paranormal activity, glitches in the matrix, and overall weird stuff. I read short stories from authors like Edgar Allen Poe as well as real-life experiences from the Inte...
Facebook Profile Profit Formula Artwork
Facebook Profile Profit Formula
How to generate unlimited Revenue with your Facebook profile without spending a dime on adverts
Bobscott Nine Artwork
Bobscott Nine
The readings and rantings of author Bobscott Nine.
Moby Dick Energy: A Moby Dick Podcast Artwork
Moby Dick Energy: A Moby Dick Podcast
A chapter by chapter breakdown of the greatest, weirdest American novel, "Moby-Dick: Or, the Whale." Theme song by Noam Hassenfeld.
The Three Little Pigs Artwork
The Three Little Pigs
This is our first episode about the interesting story of our friends The Three Little Pigs. Hope you enjoy.
We Say never again podcast Artwork
We Say never again podcast
Podcast about Parkland shooting
Zach Wieczorek Artwork
Zach Wieczorek
Episode 4 of serial.
Random Book Club Podcast Artwork
Random Book Club Podcast
Welcome to Random Book Club where you can listen to in-depth chapter review discussions of your favorite books! Read the book at your own pace, then enjoy a chapter by chapter summary and breakdown as we dig into what makes a...
Comadres Con Libros Artwork
Comadres Con Libros
An audible clube do livro with lots of chisme bueno where the hosts read the book (so you don't have to!)
Magic Archetypes In The Real World Artwork
Magic Archetypes In The Real World
Who doesn't like the Fantasy genre? I know I love it, but when it comes to fantasy there is no part I love more than the magic! So let's talk about magic, if you were able to take an archetype of magic and take it literally t...
Birds Artwork
the word
Lamtiar Artwork
Review novel
Memoirs are more important than you think and here's why... Artwork
Memoirs are more important than you think and here's why...
In this episode we will talk about what memoirs are, their characteristics and why have they been important throught humans' history.
Friends Do Fandoms Artwork
Friends Do Fandoms
Christie and Kristen both like different fandoms. In this show we introduce each other to our favorite fandoms picking it apart chapter by chapter.
Scripturient Press Artwork
Scripturient Press
​We at Scripturient Press aim to have a collaborative, educational practice with authors to develop quality stories ready for the next step in your publishing journey. Hello Everyone and Welcome to Scripturient Press This i...
Drugaholics Artwork
Drugs shouldn’t be here
CloudBurst Chaos Artwork
CloudBurst Chaos
A weekly podcast about the thoughts and wanderings of a book-loving, usually depressed, anxious and chaotic student finding his way through life...