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Easy English Texts Artwork
Easy English Texts
This podcast is for people taking early steps in the English language. I will be reading: popular nursery rhymes, Poems, and short stories. Since beginning ESL students are not regularly exposed to English literature, I hope...
To Trope or Not to Trope Artwork
To Trope or Not to Trope
...that is the question. Three opinionated writers argue over whether ’tis nobler to take up arms against a sea of overused tropes or give in and write them anyway. Tune in for a different trope every episode as we cover the...
The Gayly Prophet | A Harry Potter Podcast Artwork
The Gayly Prophet | A Harry Potter Podcast
The humorous, yet ruthless Harry Potter podcast of your dreams. The intersectional HP analysis you never knew you needed. Harry Potter, but make it queer.
Kobo Writing Life Podcast Artwork
Kobo Writing Life Podcast
The Kobo Writing Life Podcast features exciting interviews with bestselling authors, tips on the craft and business of writing, and advice for successfully self-publishing. Millions of readers are waiting to discover your bo...
Down The Rabbit Hole Artwork
Down The Rabbit Hole
DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE is a podcast for grown-ups who love children's books. Each week, our hosts Caroline Carpenter, Hannah Love, Charlie Morris and Sam Sedgman welcome special guests for wide-ranging chats about our new disc...
Old Wives Artwork
Old Wives
Amy Stephenson and Casey Childers are writers who like to tell stories. So we're telling each other fairy tales the way they were meant to be heard—deeply editorialized and with plenty of commentary (and cursing). New episode...
Perfectly Acceptable Podcast by Comics Place Artwork
Perfectly Acceptable Podcast by Comics Place
Employees of The Comics Place in Bellingham, Washington talk about comics every week. They are easily sidetracked and meander into a variety of nerdy topics.
The Wheel Reads: A Wheel Of Time Podcast Artwork
The Wheel Reads: A Wheel Of Time Podcast
Alan guides Ian and Chris through their first Wheel of Time read through. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thewheelreads/support
Inia Jardine Artwork
Inia Jardine
Inia the beach hobo/gardener (also known as Hyacinth Truthsayer) blogs about compassion, love, life, plant based living, racial harmony & shares book news.
Family Bookshelf Artwork
Family Bookshelf
Homeschooling mom and blogger at Ambitionsforchrist.com joins with librarian and The Gameschooling Dad to present a series of book recommendations geared towards finding books worth reading. Recommendations range from classic...
Big Book Energy Artwork
Big Book Energy
Hi 👋 My name is Jennifer and I love books! I love them so much I became a librarian, I write stories in my free time, and I have a podcast where I talk all things bookish: Big Book Energy. These conversations will address how...
Alternative-Read.com Artwork
Alternative-Read Book News, Reviews and Author Interviews. Are you an author? Want to be featured? Send us an article about the craft of writing, your writing routine, or even a day in the life of an author. What are your...
The Virtual Memories Show Artwork
The Virtual Memories Show
A weekly conversation about books and life, not necessarily in that order.
Reading With Celebrities Artwork
Reading With Celebrities
Two friends read and review selections from celebrity book clubs so you can find the one that fits you best!
Acez Academy Artwork
Acez Academy
https://acezacademy.com/Learn The Secrets To Achieving Your Maximum Potential As A Sales Leader – Or As A Sales Individual To Take Yourself To The TopGet access to the tools and strategies you need to break through your sales...
Dear Creativity...Let's Write Artwork
Dear Creativity...Let's Write
Have you got a dream to write a book? Have you begun or did you get started only to write yourself directly into a deep dark plot hole with no way out? Uh oh - that’s no fun. This show helps you get your book written and beco...
Page Rage Artwork
Page Rage
Page Rage is a weekly podcast that dives into all of the issues that plague bibliophiles. From terrible tv or movie adaptations (We still have nightmares about Vampire Academy),To incorrect casting choices (shudders in 50 Sh...
Hello Heroine with Annie Earnshaw Artwork
Hello Heroine with Annie Earnshaw
Hello Heroine is back for Season Three on March 1, 2022! Hello Heroine is a study in leading ladies hosted by Annie Earnshaw. Each week, I talk with inspiring, empowering women about their stories, successes, failures, and t...
Keep It Fictional Artwork
Keep It Fictional
Keep It Fictional is a weekly podcast for book lovers, by book lovers. Build your TBR with Sadie, Liz, Virginia, Fiona, and Corene from the Port Moody Public Library. Warning! This podcast contains strong opinions and may cau...
Funnybooks and Firewater Artwork
Funnybooks and Firewater
A motley band of amateur bar tenders, avid comic book readers, and critics. Join us each week we ramble and discuss a different Graphic Novel, Trade Paper Back, or Comicbook and attempt a cocktail pairing (cause pairing choc...
Bookends With Friends Artwork
Bookends With Friends
A weekly book club podcast where 3 friends recap, discuss, and goof about 1 new book a month. Read along and join us every Tuesday!
Snitches and Quaffles Artwork
Snitches and Quaffles
We are just 2 sisters from different misters who’s Hogwarts letters got lost and never arrived. Join us as we re-read the Harry Potter series and dive into all things wizardly and witchy.
Chatter on Books Artwork
Chatter on Books
This weekly podcast will be hosted by Torie Clarke with co-hosts David Aldridge, Jeanne McManus and Michael Kornheiser. Each week, they'll have entertaining interviews with authors, plus lively discussions about what they are...
Between the Reads Artwork
Between the Reads
Vivacious Black woman who loves to read spicing up the TBRs of anyone who likes their books Black. Entertaining, humorous and always insightful interviews with Black Indie and traditionally published authors. Come along with...
Bookclub Member Comics! Artwork
Bookclub Member Comics!
A podcast about reading comics and talking to your friends