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Arranging Tangerines presented by Lydian Stater Artwork
Arranging Tangerines presented by Lydian Stater
Conversations with contemporary artists, curators, and thinkers about the intersection of art, technology, and commerce.
Pictorial Artwork
Quinn and Betty are two non-professional art enthusiasts who love art and want to learn more about it. They take turns researching interesting parts of art history and culture, and sharing those stories with each other. Hoste...
Photography Explained Artwork
Photography Explained
Photography explained in plain English in less than 10 minutes without the irrelevant detail. Yes photography stuff explained by me, a photographer, for photographers. Want to ask a question? Head over to my Photography Expla...
Draws in Spanish | Conversations with Latinx Visual Artists and Designers Artwork
Draws in Spanish | Conversations with Latinx Visual Artists and Designers
[Draws in Spanish] showcases noteworthy Latinx visual artists, exploring their creative journeys and how they got to where they are today. Host and Chilean-American illustrator, Fabiola Lara, brings humor and empathy to the c...
Story Forward Artwork
Story Forward
Hello again Story Forward listeners and followers! Season 2 of our pivoted podcast is upon us, and here is what we have for you: Hosts Larry Rosen and Christian Winn bring you a 12-week season of stories all about the many-fa...
American Art Collective Artwork
American Art Collective
Welcome to the American Art Collective podcast, the official podcast of International Artist Publishing. Each week we’ll bring you fresh perspectives from the communities of our five magazines: American Art Collector, Weste...
Scratching the surface with City Kitty Artwork
Scratching the surface with City Kitty
A podcast about all things art hosted by NYC street artist City Kitty
Steve Swift's Rambling Reviews Artwork
Steve Swift's Rambling Reviews
Reviewing everything from wrestling to rock music, Steve Swift can always be relied upon to make you think 'I can do better than that'...
New Books in Art Artwork
New Books in Art
Interviews with Scholars of Art about their New Books Support our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/art
Bridget's Pod Artwork
Bridget's Pod
Hey do you love tea??well..you came to the right place.The podcast is about everything that is trending in Kenya and the world
Marketing Tips for Photographers | The Tog Republic Podcast Artwork
Marketing Tips for Photographers | The Tog Republic Podcast
Welcome to The Tog Republic Podcast! Every week I will share with you an easy to implement marketing strategy for your photography business. Some episodes will be casual chats with industry leaders where they will be sharing...
Wild Nature Photography Podcast Artwork
Wild Nature Photography Podcast
The Podcast that talks the art and craft of Nature Photography around the world. Presented and hosted by professional Nature Photographer and AIPP Double Master of Photography, Joshua Holko.
Heroes Homebase Podcast Artwork
Heroes Homebase Podcast
20 years of friendship, 3 best friends share their love of all things comic books!
Sharpened Artist | Colored Pencil podcast Artwork
Sharpened Artist | Colored Pencil podcast
A weekly show about the art of colored pencil and the artist. Where we discuss tips, techniques, shortcuts and all the nitty-gritty of this medium that we love so much. We also feature interviews with top artists from arou...
NFP with DKleine Artwork
NFP with DKleine
The Non-Fungible Podcast — NFP with DKleine — examines the NFT market with a focus on the growing art movement. The show presents conversations with artists, collectors, and innovators in the industry. DKleine began explorin...
The Wise Fool Artwork
The Wise Fool
Learning how the contemporary visual art world works, one conversation at a time. How does the visual art world work? I don’t know either, so I will ask the people that work in the industry and try to learn how the contempora...
Mograph Podcast Artwork
Mograph Podcast
Dave Koss & Matt Milstead of Mograph.com discuss the world of Cinema 4D and Motion Graphics. With many regular, big-name guests from the industry. Regular topics are anything from Cinema 4D tips & tricks to features &...
LF PhotoSpace Artwork
LF PhotoSpace
A podcast about using techniques ideas hacks and little details about photography over for those who are becoming photographers those who have been established anyone wanting to get more info about the photography industry as...
Passionate Painter Podcast Artwork
Passionate Painter Podcast
This podcast was created to encourage other artists to continue to create. If you’re making art out of passion for the creative journey, whether it’s your full time career, a side-gig, or a hobby, you are an artist and you ha...
Happy Impulse Unfiltered Artwork
Happy Impulse Unfiltered
Happy Impulse Unfiltered podcast is a no-b******t, only anarchy approach to today's issues. Because global warming sucks, weed is lit, mental health should be celebrated, LBGTQ+ rights are human rights, and so much more. Bi-w...
Ask An Artist Artwork
Ask An Artist
Calling all artists with a passion for visual effects! ActionVFX presents “Ask An Artist”, a show hosted by Luke Thompson that dives deep with industry experts to discuss their past experiences, creating high-level VFX, and e...
Feel Free Creatively Artwork
Feel Free Creatively
Hi I'm Scarlett Ford, and this is my podcast Feel Free Creatively. I am a practicing Visual Artist with a feminist and social critique. In this podcast we discuss my practice, art school, art exhibitions, current affairs in t...
Shockoe Artspeak Artwork
Shockoe Artspeak
Shockoe Artspeak is a podcast about art, design and how creative work impacts the world in which we live. With a belief that creative practice is a generative force, co-hosts and professors Ryan Lauterio and Garreth Blackwell...
Photo Proventure Vlogcast Artwork
Photo Proventure Vlogcast
How do you level up in photography? Do you buy new gear? Find another tutorial? Buy a preset? There is more to photography than that!Being a photographer is to “venture” - to take yourself on a daring journey. Join me, Matt K...
Artists Talk Movies Artwork
Artists Talk Movies
Artists Talk Movies is a platform for discussing films with contemporary visual and performing artists. Hosts Erin Stafford and Heyd Fontenot speak with a variety of guests about the influence of cinema on their own artistic...